Tips on Caring And Cleaning Coleman Stoves

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Most of us will now that Coleman stoves look very attractive and are also more effective when they are clean and in good shape. When you care for and clean your Coleman stoves well it will guarantee you a top shape, brand new looking gadget. You will reap the advantages of getting more fuel efficiency, flame control as well as no rusting and oxidization. 

Mentioned below are a few suggestions on caring and cleaning the Coleman stoves to ensure that it longs for a long time to serve you. 

  • You must clean you’re the stove after every time you use it to avoid any build-up on the burners. Even when you are not going to use it for a while, it is good to clean it frequently. Wipe the Coleman stove surface with dish washing soap and warm water. Make sure that you dry it totally before it is stored.

  • If you want to clean it more thoroughly, particularly if there is a boil-over, it is best to unscrew the rings of the burner and bowls of the Coleman stoves to see if there is any fluid or debris inside. If you see any build-up inside, use dish washing soap with warm water for wiping and then rinse with clean water.

  • In case there is a bad case with large amounts of dirt and grease build-up in the interiors of the case or the burners, you can take the stove to a car wash and get high-pressurized washing. Turn over the stove upside down once it has been washed to make sure that it does not have any water left inside the Coleman stoves which can result in rusting and inefficient burning.

  • Coleman stove should be stored well after cleaning. Keep it in a thick plastic bag and fasten it to avoid any infestation of any kind of crawling insects which can block airflow and fuel. This will also help to keep the gadget dry and avoid any rusting on the part of Coleman stove.

  • In case you own a liquid fuel stove, you must transfer as far as possible all the fuel from the tank to the fuel to prevent any deposits on the tanks fuel tube.   

  • Go through the Coleman stove manual carefully and follow the cleaning and caring instructions. 

You must take care of your Coleman stove; it is an excellent investment on camping equipment.  


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