Cleaning Coffee Made Easy

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It is possible that your coffee maker is a major problem for you. It is true if your morning coffee cuppa makes or breaks your day and you have a grimy coffee maker. Do you remember when you cleaned your coffee maker thoroughly? It is true that you have been washing the pot, but it is equally important to ensure that you clean the internal parts of the coffee maker also regularly. Are you even aware that you are supposed to clean them.? You may not realize that a clean coffee maker will make the difference between having a tasty cup of coffee or a horrible cup of mire. 

There is no doubt that when you have a clean coffee maker, it will really make a big difference to the taste of your coffee. Surplus coffee oils tend to accumulate in the coffee maker and sometimes mineral deposits are also seen in regions which have hard water. They are known as “scale”. Scale are of two types, mineral and lime scale and none of them are wanted. Many times the heating units are affected by the scale and the flow of water in the coffee maker which makes it less efficient. The speed at which the scale forms will depend on the water quality. People who use bottled water for making coffee, will notice that the scale wont form as fast then you will have to clean the coffee oil which accumulates in the coffee maker. It is best to clean the coffee maker on a regular basis to stay safe. 

In fact cleaning the coffee maker is not very tough job to do and is as simple as brewing coffee. What you need to do is to pour a mixture of equal amounts of vinegar and water into the water reservoir of the coffee maker. You must make sure that you only use white vinegar and avoid any apple cider vinegar or red wine. You just have to switch on the normal brew cycle. Next step is to rinse out the coffee maker with plain water in the water reservoir and run the brew cycle once more. In case your coffee maker still smells of vinegar you will have to rinse a couple of more times. 

One of the best solutions is to clean the coffee maker using vinegar every month with the marble method. The marble can be changed every week and the coffee maker will stay in good shape. In case you have a coffee maker which has become old and you don’t much like the taste of coffee it brew you can try cleaning it. You will get better tasting coffee with a clean coffee maker.


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