Clean Your Cars Carpets

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It is possible that you have not realized it but the interior car’s carpets are perhaps the dirtiest parts of your vehicle. Think of the number of pairs of feet which tramp on it daily. There are many times when you will find food crumbs and wrappers falling on the carpet of your car.  You must also remember that the carpet also becomes the target for spilled drinks.

In fact it is not a big surprise if you find your cars carpet fully dirty. In fact dirt is not the biggest issue with the car. The bigger problem will be to manage the stains if they are there in the car’s carpets. You can have stains of all kinds of things which have come in contact with the carpet of the car. In case you think that it is a very difficult job then it is good to keep in mind that if you keep deferring the job of cleaning, then it will turn out to be more difficult to clean the stains as the time passes. It is not that difficult as it just requires a few simple steps to get rid of the stains and clean the cars carpets.           

When you want to clean the cars carpet you have to start with removing the mat and the carpets from the vehicle. In fact you may notice that there are some stains their also. It is best to scrape or blot all the residue of any kind of stain in the cars carpet. If you require use a plastic knife or a hard plastic spatula, to eliminate the hard residue which is sticking to the carpet or the floor mat. 

It is very important to remember as a rule that you must start with removing the stain with the mildest of the solutions initially for cleaning these mats and cars carpets. If it is possible to clean it with warm water you can just use that.  On the other hand if this does not work, you can try removing it with a gentle soap. Allow the solutions to soak into the stain initially for a few minutes so that the stain becomes soft and it can be wiped away easily. 

You have to remember though that there may be some stains which may not be very easy to eliminate and you have to try new products for that.  You can take professional help if even after trying out all the things you are not able to remove the stains on the cars carpet.


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