Effective Carpet Cleaning Tips

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I am sure most people will like to know simple and efficient ways to clean the carpet. Mentioned below are excellent collections of carpet cleaning tips which are straight from the professional carpet cleaner’s notebook. 

Make sure you make a plan- You may not realize that it is a good idea to have a proper cleaning schedule for your precious carpeting. Keep in mind that only vacuuming does not keep your carpet clean if you only use the easiest carpet cleaning processes it may not work also. You need to have a plan which includes regular daily vacuuming, using dry absorbent cleaning powder weekly and good professional carpet cleaning frequently to get rid of deep set residue and grime. 

Removing Stains- Keep in mind as a thumb rule to blot but don’t rub the spillage if possible. Pick out all the solids and blot inwards to the stain center. You can select some of the cleaners mentioned here to remove the stain. Clear liquid detergent as  non-transparent liquid detergents may leave additional residue, oil and grease cutting spot remover like Energine or a ammonia and water solution with one tablespoon ammonia and a cup of water. Do not use it on woolen carpet. You can also store non-oily polish remover, club soda and white vinegar and water solution. When the stain is removed, wash the stain remover with water and dry it. 

Washing with Hand- You may sometimes find an occasion when your carpet is not very dirty or stained and during such a situation you can decide to hand-wash your expensive carpet. The best way to hand-wash your  carpet is to vacuum clean it two times initially and then spread a professional carpet cleaning material in the carpet with the help of a soft brush and  vacuum it  thoroughly after that to get rid of all the dirt and residue on the carpet. 

If you have an expensive carpet and you want to increase the life of your carpet, it is a good idea to place mats on all the doors and entryways which will absorb most of the grime and soil when you enter the home from outside.  It is important to make use a superior quality carpet pad beneath the carpet. It is good to shift the furniture on the carpet periodically. You carpet will surely thank you for taking care of the carpet and you will also enjoy your carpet for longer.


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