Managing Hay Fever Allergies

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When spring is on the way, it brings the pollens and that one of the main causes for Hay Fever allergies. Get ready for it from now on and you will be able to reduce the symptoms of watery eyes, low levels of energy and runny nose linked to Hay Fever allergies. 

You may wonder how to lessen Hay Fever allergy symptoms? If we put it simply, you need to diminish your exposure to pollen. Here we will have a look at a classic American home and try to understand ways to be able to reduce exposure to pollen. 

To begin with you must ensure that you have an air conditioning system. It is true that we love the breeze which comes in through the open window, but it will also carry the pollen with it and we want to keep them out. The air conditioning will keep the home comfortable. It is also important to ensure that the filter in the device is in a good shape as some pollen will enter when your door is used. Typically air conditioners use filters which are similar to the ones used in the furnace. You can get the top end furnace filters which are marketed by Purolator, 3M and WEB. They will be much better than the bargain home improvement store filters. Next, change the filter monthly during the peak Hay Fever season. It is a small price to pay for a bit of cleaner air. 

Our next suggestion is affordable and simple. Once you or your kids are back home from work or play, it is best to take a shower and wear freshly washed clothes. Pollens can rest in your clothes, hair and skin so avoid spending the evening in a pollen cloud which is on you. You will get additional time to stay pollen-free which will help you to recuperate from the day’s activities and also help the body to get a relaxed sleep. 

When you clean your home make sure that you wear a dust mask. In fact there are several vacuuming and cleaning gadgets which end up re-circulating as much pollen and dust they remove when you clean. It is a good idea to use a HEPA vacuum or even one which has a HEPA filter as it will reduce the amount of pollen and dirt getting back into the air inside your home.


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