Cleaning Your Rc Car

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Radio controlled or RC hobby cars are similar to the actual life-size cars. They have to be well maintained and require regular check up, tuning, cleaning as well as overall correct looking after to ensure that you get good performance from them on the tracks or the place you race them. 

Your RC car can be cleaned simply with the help of denatured alcohol, but you must make sure that it doesn’t enter any electronic part of your RC car as such kinds of alcohol are very  strong and can even result in damaging the parts where they enter. On the other hand if you want to use solutions which can be better than denatured alcohol, it is good to try some other cleaning products which are more advantageous but they can also be more expensive and you end up spending more cash than what you have allotted in your budget. 

You also have a number of other options for cleaning your RC car and you don’t really have to end up spending a lot of money on a solution which you won’t be requiring too often. You can actually manage very well with a bottle spray and alcohol.  You can also try using air compressors for cleaning your RC car. The negative of air compressors is that they can blow in air on the RC car but will not be helpful in the complete maintenance which is required for your RC car. In case you don’t own one yet, you can save up to get an air compressor as it costs about $65 – 70 in the market. It is fine if you have one already. 

You can combine ordinary rubbing alcohol with green alcohol solution and use it for cleaning with the help of an engine cleaning tool and you will be able to maintain your RC car well. When talking about engine sprayers, what you require is an ordinary green solution, some alcohol and water. You can store this solution in the proportion 5:1 of the simple green and water. The main thing you have to ensure that when you are using the engine cleaner it must target the regions which have the bearings as well as the wheel bearings. 

You must not over spray the solution on the car as it can result in damaging the electronic parts of the RC car. It is possible to do this and save using more cleaning solution by adjusting the sprayer in a manner which allows little amounts of solution to come out.


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