Clean The Carpet Yourself

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You can save money by cleaning your own carpet but if you are not able to do it properly you may find yourself in a big mess. Mentioned below are a few tips of using a carpet cleaning machine which you can get on rent for your home carpets. 

To begin with you have to look for an efficient carpet cleaning machine. They can be located at some of the grocery or home improvement stores. Try to get one which is in a good condition and doesn’t look too dilapidated and old. If the machine is old it will typically have a weaker water pump and vacuum. Get a carpet cleaning machine which is in a good condition and buy the shampoo for carpet cleaning which is available for the machine. Never use dish washing soap or any other soap made at home. 

Once you get the carpet cleaning machine home you must pre-vacuum your carpet thoroughly. This is an essential step as it is much easier to get rid of soil and dirt when it is in a dry state. 

It is the next step where I will like to give you a tip which is different from the directions given with the carpet cleaning machine. You are normally required to fill the cleaning machine with a solution of shampoo. This suggests that you are washing with the soapy solution which can leave plenty of residue. I would suggest that you combine the shampoo solution in a different pump-up sprayer which is easily available in any of the home improvement stores. You can spray the solution on the carpet evenly, and make sure that you don’t wet the carpet too much. Let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. This will allow the shampoo solution to soak and absorb the soils. 

Now fill the carpet cleaning machine with just warm water and move over the carpet to wash off the cleaning solution. If required you can work the process twice to remove as much residue as possible. 

Now you will need to dry the carpets and the faster you dry them it will diminish chances of spotting and water marks. Switch on the ceiling fans or any other portable fans you have.  Open the doors and windows for increased airflow into the room.

This is all and make sure you follow all the steps well to clean your carpet yourself.


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