It Is Time Taking To Clean Floor

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There are a number of us who will agree on the fact that cleaning floor mess is amongst the nastiest parts of cleaning the house. Actually it is also very tough to get a mop which works really well, irrespective of what the commercials have to say and show. In fact I have tried to find and tried using all kinds of ‘wonder’ mops available in the market, but have not been able to find anything which works to my expectations. As far as it goes for me, I at all times end up on the floor on my knees and hands, cleaning floor in the old fashioned manner. 

There is another issue I face while cleaning floor and that is I don’t really have the kind of time needed for it. I am not able to do it as regularly as one is supposed to do and it becomes messier by the time I have the time to do it. I do find time to sweep the house daily but that is actually not enough. When I am cleaning floor of the kitchen, I am not just looking at the spots on the floor but I want to keep the floor in the kitchen absolutely clean and sparkling. If I don’t scrub physically with hands, they don’t look fresh and clean. 

There was a time in college when I worked as a maid and we had to get down on our knees and hand for cleaning floor. While bending and cleaning floor one is able to get all the spots and it is also possible to see the place we are trying to clean well. There is one tip which I always keep in mind and that is to ensure that you vacuum all parts of the floor which you want to wipe or mop up. It is very difficult for the mop, to pick up lose dirt and even when you have finished cleaning floor, it is not really clean. When you first vacuum the floor you are sure to have eliminated all the dust and crumbs on the floor. 

To ensure that my floor stays white, I also have to scrub with a brush sometimes. One thing is for sure that by cleaning floor in this manner you are going to clean every part of the floor. It is just not possible for any mop to this kind of floor cleaning.


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