3 Reasons to Hire a Lawyer in a Personal Injury Claim

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Hiring a personal injury lawyer for your personal injury claim? Here are a few reasons why you might want one.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer may help you in getting the highest possible compensation for an injury suffered – and it may cut your expenses and stress.

Is it possible to win a law suit without a lawyer? Of course it is, but it may not be the wisest choice.

But – what will representing yourself in court entail? Is it worth it? Can you battle insurance companies and their high priced lawyers and succeed? This can be a real challenge and may take a higher toll than you can imagine.

Here are 3 reasons you’d want to consider hiring someone professional to represent you:

1. Get a quick settlement:

An experienced personal injury lawyer knows the ins and outs of court procedures. They know what to expect

2. Get the highest possible amount of compensation:

More importantly, they’ve seen many cases and are able to estimate the value of your claim and your chances of success more easily than is possible for a layman.

3. Get through the process with as little stress and emotional turmoil as possible

Some reasons why you wouldn’t want to represent yourself:

Unfortunately, even small claims court is a complex arena in which to launch a law suit. As an individual, especially one with no legal experience, one can feel a bit like an unfortunate thrown to the lions in an ancient Roman arena.

First of all, to win your case, you have to follow the rules. To follow the rules, you have to KNOW the rules. The rules vary from region to region and between different categories of cases.

The first thing you need to know is whether there’s a statute of limitations – in other words, do you have to file your claim within a certain time period?

Then you need to know the exact procedure for filing – what paperwork is necessary and when it has to be submitted and to whom.

You have to take responsibility for assembling and cataloging evidence you will use. This includes the witnesses you will call. Witness statements have to be prepared and witnesses have to agree to appear on your behalf if necessary.

You have to document your argument and provide proof – in exact detail.
Remember as well that the court is not interested in how you feel or how wronged you’ve been – they only care about facts .

You may think that you have documented all the facts carefully but when you’re under fire by a hostile opponent and being evaluated by a skeptical judge, will your argument sound credible, logical and true? Or will you come off as an emotionally overwrought whiner?

Will you get upset when the opposition makes accusations and perhaps attack your character?

Are there negatives on your side that can come out during a hearing to embarrass you? If there are negatives, do you know how to handle them so that they don’t destroy your credibility?

As you can see, representing yourself is not necessarily as simple as it may appear – even when you have what seems to be an open and shut case.

Hiring experienced legal representation may dig into the settlement amount you expect to win, but you stand to lose everything if you dont’ fully understand how the process works and how to work it to your best advantage.

You may be concerned about hiring a personal injury lawyer you can trust and confide in – that’s natural.

To help you make this serious decision, we’ve prepared a free white paper for you. It’s called “8 things you MUST know and 14 questions you MUST ask before hiring a personal injury lawyer.
You can request this paper from the site abbotsfordpersonalinjurylawyer – dot – com. Just put in your email address and name in the space provided and you’ll receive an email with an instant download link. There’s no obligation – it’s free and waiting to answer your questions right now. There is no cost and no obligation.


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