Do It Yourself Carpet Cleaning Tips

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You must be able to recall the way your brand new carpet looked when you had bought it. It seems frustrating that just after a short period it appears as though it needs replacement. It is not a very easy job to keep your carpet clean and new looking. To look after your carpet, you can use the below mentioned do-it-yourself tips for cleaning the carpet. 

Regular maintenance is essential to increase the carpet life. If you vacuum the carpet every week and don’t allow shoes inside the home, you will be able to increase the life of the carpet by a minimum of five years. If you vacuum regularly, it does not allow grime and dirt to get stuck to the carpet fibers. If you just use socks and home slippers on the carpet, it will not get dirty and you will not have a tough time removing oil and mud stains. 

In case your carpet normally does not get very dirty or stained, you will find several homemade products and simple ways of carpet cleaning which will give it a new look. At the time of cleaning the complete carpeted area you must use warm water solution. Warm water helps in breaking down the oil and dirt easily and faster. You can use any of the commercial products which are available in the market as cleaning solution. Even a simple solution of vinegar and water will work very well. White vinegar will extract the residue from the carpet fiber making it cleaner and softer. 

There are a number of treatments for stain. You can use club soda on stains made with red wine. If you have strong food stains you can use brake cleaner and use WD40 grease and oil spots. When you use brake cleaner, just soak a cloth with the cleaner and blot the stain. When the stain is absorbed you can wash the region with a water and vinegar solution. 

Shaving cream is perhaps the finest carpet cleaning product as it is good for getting rid of all types of general stains. If you use the shaving cream directly to the stain and let it sit for half an hour it will get rid of almost any kind of stain. When the shaving cream set, softly blot it with a dry white cloth. The area should be rinsed with a solution of water and vinegar after cleaning.

When you use these simple carpet cleaning tips you will be able to maintain your carpet easily.


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