Junior Clothing And DC Kids Shoes

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Hardedge is an elite trendy and lifestyle store, which stores brands based on their attractive design and popularity amongst buyers. They specialize in Dc Clothing and keep all the 12 colors in which the star Basic is available all round the year. They also have the Dc Straight jeans and the Basic star hoods in the different colors in which they are available in the market. 

Dc Clothing as well as Dc shoes has developed to a great extend from their basic roots and have changed the  direction and are becoming one of the popular street wear brands in the market. It has an extensive selection of street trainers and dc cloths which offer you a new design of trainers and t shirts in every three months. Dc also makes a funky series of junior shoes for boys and girls and  to go with that you can get a smart collection of Dc t shirts, denims and hoodies for kids between the age of 10 to 16 years. Hardedge store also stocks DC toddler trainers for children between the ages of 2 to 5. They have modern designs and some also have lace and for babies and Velcro fasteners for the small kids. 

You can buy many of the premium fashion brands such as G star and others under one roof. G star is a  vary well liked denim brand and manufactures more than 100 jeans designs every season with the use of different denims and washes such as walker denim, travis wash etc. You can get Elwood jeans a as well as radar low, classic and loose fit Coder pant in 5 different denim washes. They also make Cornwall over jacket which combine well with the wide range of shirts, t shirts, polo t shirts. The company has also introduced the Underwear story for the first time. 

Hardedge also keeps urban street wear brands such as Straps and Famous stars which are very popular across America with the big bands being featured on the MTV Music channel. Zoo York which has evolved from NYC urban roots is also growing especially in UK. 

Dc also designs toddler trainers for small boys and girls from the age of 2 to 5. They come in real funky styles and have Velcro fasteners for the kid’s convenience. You can look around and you are sure to find the brand you are looking for at Hardedge.


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