Poor Fitting Shoes Give Bunions

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When you get a bony lump on the side of your foot at the bottom of your big toe it is known as a bunion. It can be an individual issue or cab also be connected to other issues related to the shape of your foot. 

On the other hand the most common reason for getting bunions is the shoes you wear. This comes up if your shoe is not wide enough to fit your toes in the natural position. High heels are especially to blame for this as they squeeze the toes into the narrow part in the front of your footwear. 

Women are more prone to developing bunions as compared to men and this is also a problem which can be heredity. Bunion is sometimes linked with joint arthritis at the bottom of the big toe but there are people who don’t have any joint problems but develop bunions. 

If you have developed a bunion, then sometimes the only option to get rid of it is by surgery. A good alternative to getting surgery is to get shoes which have been adapted to fit you comfortably. 

This will also be based on the severity of the bunion. You may be able to manage it by getting additionally wide fitting shoes from a top class shoe shop otherwise the surgical appliances department of the hospital can help you to get stretching shoes or you can order a customized pair which will fit your feet comfortably. 

Keep in mind that such shoes may not look especially fashionable, but then you will be able to avoid the risks which are associated with a surgery and they are generally an effective way of managing the issue. 

There are times when bunions cannot be treated without surgery and typically bunions tend to become worse as time passes. It is true that if you wear the right shoes it will prevent from the bunions getting worse rapidly. You can discuss with the surgeon about the amount of surgery required for you. 

It is not uncommon to see people with bunions and people who are not able to manage with the right kind of footwear will find surgery a good option of allowing their feet to fit in a normal pair of shoe comfortably and also offering a better appearance. 

In most cases surgery is effective and safe, but it is also possible to get complications. It is good to be well informed about the process so that you can decide accordingly.  When you know well about it you can also detect the problems fast and treat them.


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