Don't Keep Clutter in Your Mind

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All of us want to keep our homes clutter free and clean it thoroughly a minimum of two times in a year. It can be called spring cleaning, or fall cleaning, which comes just before Christmas. It is not really important when we clean the clutter, but we all know that it becomes very difficult to get rid of sentimental “junk” which we collect over so many years. Most of us have memories attached to old items articles which we have been storing for some time. We want to hold on to all such items and it becomes very tough to remove them. Some of these things include a sentimental or romantic card, our son’s first drawing or a project, old letters and pictures etc. I also have boxes full of such types of sentimental attachments and want to get rid of them. There have been times when I have tried to go through those boxes trying to find things which I can get rid but am not really successful at it. 

It is quite a tough task to spring clean our memorable belongings but it is also an essential task to keep our homes clean and spacious. In fact it is a good idea to approach it like any other job or activity where we spend time and energy. 

In the same way it is vital to get rid of the sentimental clutter which has made home in our minds. We have to take a deep breath, taking in the positive energy and when we exhale, it should help us to eliminate all old and negative energy which has tied us. 

When we want to do the job of removing the clutter at hand, it is good to inhale clarity and be able to exhale clutter. It is needed to breathe in serenity and be able to exhale emotional confusion. We can think of all the possibilities of more light, energy and space which we will get when we clean the clutter of our lives. Just exhale all that stands in your way. It is possible to make the life more orderly by taking in the light and space we deserve and this can be done by getting rid of the emotional clutter in our life. 

When we reach the state of calmness, we continue breathing in fresh air and exhaling stress and tensions. This makes us realize that our home and life has become more relaxed. 


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