Treating Baldness/hair Loss Naturally by Home Remedies:cure And Treatment of Baldness/hair Fall at Home

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Baldness is a medical term used for excessive hair loss ; it is a condition in which there is excessive hair loss from the scalp, which leads to top of the scalp turning completely hairless and smooth. Baldness is very common occurrence in old people, but nowadays, many young people, even in their 20s, suffer from it, due to present stressful lifestyle and inadequate nutrition in the diet of people.

Men are worse sufferer of baldness than women. Male baldness is much more severe than that of women and can make crown, temples, and even all parts of the head hairless, which usually runs in the family. Females do not develop bald patches like males; female baldness manifests itself in the thinning of hair but not completely hairless scalp like that of men. When there is any disorder in the system of body, the hair starts falling at an alarming rate, that condition finally turns into alopecia or baldness. Main causes of baldness are: hereditary factor, not taking a healthy diet, hormonal changes like overabundance of DHT hormone, excess dandruff, menopause, too much stress, etc.Home remedies can be immensely helpful in treating baldness/ and hair loss at home.

Home remedies for treating hair loss and baldness

1.  Regular application of castor oil combats hair fall and baldness. It is very good home remedy to treat baldness/hair loss naturally.

2 . Apply a fine paste made from pigeon pea or red gram; it is an effective home remedy in curing hair loss baldness naturally at home .

3 . Massaging the scalp with aloe vera gel or coconut oil prevents hair loss and helps in growth of new hair naturally .Try this home remedy to treat baldness/hair loss at home.

4.   Seeds of lime and black pepper ground to fine paste when applied on a daily basis on the scalp helps in curing baldness/ hair loss naturally at home. Try this home remedy
5 Take fenugreek; grind it to make a fine paste, and apply it on the bald patches, and let the hair absorb the paste of fenugreek for one hour .This baldness/hair fall treatment helps in treating hair fall/baldness.

6.  Home remedy of beetroot leaves when mixed with henna can do wonder in curing baldness/ hair loss naturally at home.

7.  Make a hair pack at home mixing hot olive oil, honey, and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder, and apply it on the scalp before bath for 15 minutes. It is very effective home remedy in treating hair loss and baldness at home.

8 .  Take elephant tusk; heat it on a pan, and burn it to ashes, then apply the dust of elephant tusk mixed with pure honey or ghee on the bald patches at night, and leave it on overnight. In the morning, wash it off completely. This remedy is age old home remedy of curing baldness. Do try this at home for sure and quick results.

9.  Honey mixed with onion massaged on the bald patches helps in hair growth. This home remedy is hassle free and very useful in treating baldness /hair fall at home naturally.

10.   Take equal amount of camphor and curd , and apply it on the bald patches , and let it dry for 2-3 hours .It is very effective baldness/hair loss treatment at home for fighting baldness and hair loss..

11.  Take fresh coriander leaves, and make a paste of it. Apply it on the scalp; it is very easy and effective home remedy to treat baldness/hair loss naturally at home.

12. Grind liquorice with milk and a pinch of saffron. This baldness/hair fall treatment promotes hair growth.

13.  Juice of spinach and lettuce when taken orally promotes hair growth.

14.  Scrub a half of lemon on the bald patches continuously for 1-2 months; this home remedy helps in fighting baldness and hair fall naturally at home.

15 . Coconut oil mixed with lime juice is effective in curing hair loss/baldness.

16.  Application of coconut milk is very helpful home remedy in treating baldness/ hair loss at home.

17.  Juice of Indian gooseberry mixed with lime juice in equal amount fosters hair growth. Try this home remedy to cure baldness/hair loss naturally at home.

18.  The oil prepared at home by boiling Indian gooseberry in coconut oil is very easy and effective home remedy for treating hair fall and baldness at home.

19.  Boil 250 grams of mustard oil with 100 grams of henna leaves to make a concoction to combat hair loss. Ever tried this home remedy to cure baldness/hair loss at home? Try it.

20 .Use amla oil (Indian gooseberry) with lime juice to make a shampoo to treat baldness/hair loss naturally at home.

21. Mix few drops of kanta-karika juice with honey .Apply it on the scalp to cure baldness/hair loss .This baldness/hair loss treatment must be followed regularly.

22. You can use mixture of both castor oil and almond oil to treat hair loss .Regular use of this home remedy will result in hair growth.

23. You can apply red henna to cure hair loss and have a beautiful hair.Try this home remedy to fight baldness/hair loss at home naturally.

24 .Make a concoction of 2 eggs, 2 tea spoons of amla(Indian gooseberry),shikakai(acacia concinna),soap nut(reetha).Massage for 30 minutes on your scalp with this mixture, and wash off with a mild shampoo .You can use this home remedy 3-4 times a week to treat baldness/hair loss.

25 .You can use egg yolk with honey as a home remedy to cure hair fall/baldness, and get silky hair.

26 . Amla mixed with honey also arrests hair loss.

27 .Coconut oil in which a mango has been preserved for one year treats baldness/hair loss. This home remedy stimulates hair follicles to regrow hair.

28. Boil hibiscus in a glass of water,and strain this mixture to apply with lime juice on your bald patches to cure them naturaly at home.You can use this treatment after shampooing your hair.

29 . You can rinse your hair with the water in which geranium leaves had been boiled to cure hair fall and baldness naturally at home.

30 .Use aloe vera with herbal powder triphala for 3- 6 months on a regular basis to treat baldness/hair loss. Use this baldness/hair loss treatment to fight baldness and hair loss at home naturally
31. Take 4 parts bhringraj, 3 parts jatamansi, 5 parts dashamoola , and mix all with goat milk. This home remedy when taken orally cures hair loss and promotes hair growth.

32 .You can use juice of amaranth to treat baldness/hair loss naturally at home .Many people have benefited from this home remedy.

33 .Ash gourd helps in treating baldness problem .Use this baldness/hair fall treatment to deal with falling hair naturally.

34 .Curry leaves as a home remedy to treat baldness/hair loss naturally is excellent.

35. Rinse your hair with water in which rosemary leaves had been boiled to get rid of baldness and hair loss. Try this easy baldness and hair fall treatment at home for sure.

36. Take 1/2 cup of olive oil with 1 tea spoon of cumin seeds to rub on your bald patches to treat baldness and hair fall. Try this home remedy.

37. Juice of alfalfa with spinach or coriander taken orally promotes hair growth and treats baldness naturally. You must try this home remedy for beautiful hair.

38 .Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar and sage tea to cure baldness and hair fall naturally at home.

39.  You can drink the mixture of banana , honey, yogurt, skimmed milk to take as a home remedy to fight hair fall and baldness naturally at home.

40.  Arnica oil is very helpful for combating hair fall.Arnica oil is extracted from the dried arnica leaves  and has full of anti-inflammatory  properties.This treatment is very helpful in curing premature graying of hair also.

Remember, all these aforementioned home remedies are helpful in treating baldness/hair loss, but all must be followed on a regular basis, and it needs patience. Because baldness can not be cured in one day or month; it takes time in arresting hair fall and the growth of new hair.
Apart from using these home remedies , remember, a nutritious diet plays an important role in restoring the healthy hair ,so take a healthy diet which has plentiful of iron, calcium, protein ,vitamins. Do not forget to drink at least 2-3 liters of water daily to combat hair loss and have shiny hair.

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