Greece – False Pretextes

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Greece has grown to be the biggest European Union problem and is an obvious proof that something with managing the European Union affairs is not as it should be. All member states, without exception, have enormous public debts and budget deficits. How it is then that the European Union as a whole does not have it? Or doesit? As for Greece it is worth to say a few words of truth about real reasons of their gigantic debt. Contrary to the overall European Union propaganda which they feed us the reason for that is not that Greek’s pensioners retire too early and have too high old-age pensions. The reasons for such state of affairs are at least two. The first is that Greece suffers an hysteric anti-Turks phobia in which they are strangely similar to the Poles who are ill of hate towards Russia and if they could they would immediately wage war against them. Fortunately, they cannot. The result is that Greece buys enormous quantities of armaments. Greece is the fifth armaments importer in the world, and their largest suppliers are Germans. Greece buys from them submarines – U-Boots, Leopard tanks, combat helicopters NH90; in German factories of Thyssen Krupp Marine Systems they buy U-boots class 214, 500 million Euro a piece, and Eurofighter airplanes manufactured by German – French – Spain concern EADS. In connection with this, Mr. Daniel Cohn-Bendit, the chairman of Green Party in European Parliament even suggested that in exchange for enormous loan Greece had undertaken to place next purchase orders for armaments in Germany. Turkey, in response to Greece’s gigantic military spending bought in Germany 298 second hand Leopard tanks. As anyone can see the Germans are more than interested in these purchases (as they are very beneficial for them and they give unexpected boost to their economy) and following this they did what they could to prevent Greece’s bankruptcy. Not necessarily surprising is the information that the second supplier of armaments to Greece is Russia. Russia supplies Greece with the BMP-ZМtanks, rocket systems ор-М1E, landing ships on air bags “Zubr”, anti tank complexes Kornet-E as well as various other armaments. These provisions devour heavy milliards contributing significantly to Greece’s overall debt. There is however the second reason for that, namely, that Greece multi-millionaires, which are numerous, earn their money in Greece but they pay their taxes in so called tax havens, where their taxes are levied at a low rate or not at all and following this the Greece’s state budget is not fed. This ailment is suffered by many countries which are in economical troubles. And Germans were mainly those who extorted from Greece those high social costs connected with a programme of corrective measures for healing their economy. Those measures, however, mainly boil down to reduction of age-pensions and increasing the retirement age as well as freezing wages for the poorest. And it seems that the pensioners are those who are going to pay for costly whims of those who are holding power. Now, in all Europe they try to introduce the solutions implemented in Greece using the anti-pensioners propaganda. But in truth, those solutions aim only in assurance of greater liberty for the governments to waste the taxpayers’ money. It is very probably that the reasons of crisis in other European Union member states are of similar origin. It is also obvious that many member states (as well as private persons) have bought Greece’s treasury bonds and that is why they are demonstrating their ‘solidarity’ as far as assuring aid and bail out for Greece is concerned. They simply hope they will be able to sell their securities back and retrieve their money. In case Greece is bankrupt, it would not be possible. And that is the reason why the poor must be robbed that the rich could avoid losing even a penny.


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