Be The Change You Want To See In The World By Starting With Yourself

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The most valuable thing in life that people possess but keep getting ignored is the ‘Development of the Characteristic Qualities’. You might not be aware, but the reason why people can attract love, passion, purpose, and success is because of this magnetic force that circles around each and every one of us. Kindly give me a chance to tell you of some examples.

Mama Mary

Not our God’s mother, but there is this woman who resides in Sudan to whom me and others refer to as ‘Mama Mary”. One day, she went and asked her father why there are dirty young children who do not have a home and stays by the roadway. Her father responded, “Well, they are homeless and have no family for a home.” Mama Mary was startled and cannot believe what she heard. “No! Something can be done” she said. However, her father replied and asked her, “Then, what should we do?” Uncertain of what her answer would be, she lowered her head down and said, “I am not sure. But something can be done.”

Some other day, she decided to meet the chief of that region. Upon their meeting, she questioned him the key reason why quite a number of young children do not have a home. She even expounded that, as chief of that region, he must be responsible that these children have proper homes and are living well. The chief casually replied by saying, “It is the outcome of related aspects such as economic and political. As a result, it led it to this.”  Still, Mama Mary insisted by stating “No, no. Something can be done.” The chief, being unable to convince her, inquired “What is it that we ought to do then?” Mama Mary answered that they must call the attention of all of the leaders as well as the folks in the region to let them know what the situation is. After hearing this, the chief asked her if it is all that she wants and Mama Mary said yes.

Consequently, all in the community came and there are numbers of people who arrived to check and see what the problem is. She was asked to speak on the platform and Mama Mary is worried for she doesn’t know what to tell them. Until she just started communicating straight from her heart revealing the main concern.

After hearing from her, everyone agreed and came to a decision of leaving no child homeless. The little ones have been adopted and there was no single child ever needed to go back to the roadways.

Nowadays, Mama Mary markets products made by those children. After that speech she made, an expert artisan came to instruct these children free of charge. Now, Mama Mary is back in America and sells their products with the hopes of returning to those children to support them.

In our society today, it seemed to be normal for everyone to see homeless children with no one caring for them. However, the message that we got from Mama Mary’s story tells us that there is no sum of money that can buy you that level of love. The Characteristic Quality of Being a Problem Solver granted many orphans home, food, and shelter. She made a difference and understands the meaning to ‘be the change you want to see in the world’.  The admiration that Mama Mary received will always be reminisced.

The Value of Happiness

Ross is a participant of a personal development forum in which he shared to everyone his own story. He has been successful in life by achieving a great income. One can considered that he definitely “live the life” for two straight years. He mentioned that at some point, he would just go to Best Buy Store and buy whatever he wanted off of urge. Expensive things such as HDTVs, Blu Rays, computers, iPods, and many costly things, that ordinary people would die to have.

But one day, he went in to one of these stores and can no longer feel the passion and excitement of buying something he really wanted. He mentioned that he had everything he wanted and this would not fulfill him any longer. He knows that he have more than enough money to buy anything. But that excitement of going in a store and looking forward to buy something you really wanted is all gone. As a result, he invested all of his money on a project for which turned him to be a poor guy once again and tried to make money just to feel that passion and excitement once more.

This is one clear illustration of a person searching for his lost passion. He spent so much in the attempt to fill something more valuable. He went back to the way he was and tried to earn more valuable accomplishments in life.

In that forum, there are also individuals who were able to relate in his story who posted their comments about experiencing the same situation.

As all of us may well notice, everything has its own place. However, we seemed to be positioning the whole purpose of life in making money and being wealthy. But when we look back and ask ourselves “What trail did I leave?” “Is what I’m doing matter?” we can’t even get ourselves a good answer.  Often times we search deeply into our souls of trying to find that lost passion and making it existent once more.

Love, passion, purpose, and wealth can all be achieved by having the Characteristic Quality of Problem Solving alone. Material wealth is only a result of being a good problem solver. But more often than not, we focus ourselves on material wealth and ignoring the intangible things that requires our utmost attention. If you will be able to fully understand the value of the intangibles, then you will definitely obtain the passion and happiness you are looking for.  Be the change you want to see in the world by starting with yourself. 

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