Reality Check!

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Dear Ms. Winfrey,


I open up a little to Monica (Valley Bible Church friend of Deanna Miller and Fritzeen Scott). I want to be like and respected. I have this fear if she knew I was spiritually gift she would not like me. Monica, Tim and Natalie (the Day family) are wonderful people. Their youngest daughter, Allison has left the coupe. Allison is well missed. Since Monica is going through a rough time with her daughter Allison; I kind of empathize with her. So, I told her when I was little I witness a rape & murder of people I love dearly. I didn’t want her to hate me and see me as; weak. Nevertheless, I had to be honest. I feel that’s why I want to use my spiritual gifts in find missing people & solve homicide cases.   Monica and Tim assist me in seeing what my biological parents are going through. She tells me that I aid her in what Allison is going through. So, there is little healing going around.


Still, I can’t really open up about my age and spiritual gifts. My heart still hurt from so many people making fun of me. Good news,  I talked with Fritzeen about my father who raised me will. She knows an Estate attorney. She is willing to even pay the fees. I told her, I have two checks coming in: I stood my ground in wanting to pay the lawyer. Compassionately, she reminded me it was not safe to be outside. She would not offer her services if she couldn’t afford it. I just don’t want to take advantage of the Scott family. I am going to attempt to make honest money from Affiliate Marketing today. More good news: I will cease writing to you for now. I want to give this employment a serious shot. My financial aid will not last forever. I spoke to Liz. She said to give administration department another week for my grades. So, you can see I am working on myself. I just want to suggest to please have Bonnie on your show.



(Wish me blessing on my new employment!!)


Reality check! Bonnie and I are no longer friends. I am very sad over this yet it is for the best. I will not go into details about why we are no longer friends. At least, I could say we ended our friendship in a very respectable manner. I wished her plenty happiness and success to her and her husband. I am so grateful I have the love of my biological parents, brothers and cousins. Most important I have Yahweh’s love and guidance.


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