Meeting Mr. Oscar Del Renta : Wonderful Senator She Will Be!

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Dear Ms. Winfrey,

I have been very fortunate to meet more people at Valley Bible Church. I met Monica and Tim with their daughter, Natalie. I got to spend the whole day with them. I slept most of the day because my Asthma was acting up. I had a wonderful dinner plus dessert (ice cream my favorite!). Monica gave me a prospective of my biological parents. And I hope that I gave her, a perspective of her daughter Allison not being home. She asked me about my age. I was tongue tied. I had the same reaction with Fritzeen when she asked me about my age. My age is a sore issue especially since Catherine Alvarze and her group made funny of me at MSC-South Women Shelter. Then, to add salt to my injury, Sandy at Truth Sojourn spread rumors that I had issues with my age because I didn’t want to say how old I am. So, I didn’t inform them (Monica, Fritzeen or even Christine about my age). It is just too personal.

I rather think about swimming and modeling. My favorite fashion designer is Mr. Oscar Del Renta. You had him on your show. I love his creative intelligence. I want to work for him. I feel strongly he is the fashion designer brave-bold enough to have a plus size-high end fashion line. I have ideas in my head. I dream to share my creativity with him; and dare I say: To model these original clothes. I dream big. Dreaming big saves me from life’s cruelty.  I got a gut hunch that I could make a lot of money for Mr. Oscar Del Renta and the same time make money for myself. Most importantly, I desire to show the world that plus-size women are BEAUTIFUL. A beauty that captures the pure essence of TRUTH: I want to portray. So, you see I am working on myself. I would so like you to have Mrs. Bonnie Pearson on you show, please.


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Dear Ms. Winfrey,

Just register with a class for extra income. You know when you hear a good thing; and it is too GOOD to be true. Nevertheless, I am going for it. I registered. The class is in the evening. It might collide with my evening class at the Valley Bible Church. I have been really excited about going to this class because I love to know more about God. So, what to do, what to do??? I desire so bad to get off the cold streets and into my own place. If this employment is on the up and up; it will fit perfectly. The task is through the Internet so no one has to know I am HOMELESS. Also, it will be great for my education because I could do it part time. I am showing you that I am putting myself first. I am doing a lot of writing; and publishing my creative work on I so want you to have Bonnie on your show. I think the both of you will have an explosion of laughter since the two of you are so HONEST-BOLD.

I want a better life Ms. Winfrey. The cherry on the ice cream sundae is I did it on my own. Okay, okay! I have pride issues—I NEVER SAID I WAS PERFECT. I just want my own place: You know to be free to do my creativity (of course I have ideas on how to go about it). I desire to be extremely successful yet-seriously; I am not crazy about being famous. I want my private life to stay private. It can be done Ms. Winfrey. Look at, Mrs. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg. Despite her famous legacy; she has remain a very private person. I have so much respect for her in the manner she carries herself. Maybe, I might be a little objective since her father is my favorite president. I sincerely feel; she would be a significant senator for New York.  You know why New York is my favorite state. New Yorkers are not afraid of change. New Yorkers always embrace change. Mrs. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg will be the positive change New York needs!


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