Getting on Oprah Show #22/#23

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Dear Ms. Winfrey,

Well, I have been busy doing volunteer work for the Yahweh. To prove my point that I am not PARANOID! I enthusiastically watched American Most Wanted on the Internet yesterday. My eyes were glued to the Kimberly Simon murder case in Texas. For TWENTY FIVE YEARS—Mr. Steve Barn was wrongly convicted for her murder. You see, Inspector Larry Mack, Det. Jamie Collins and DA John Philpot can’t comprehend why I request for a legal document: Stating they will not arrest for the information I give. I don’t want to go to JAIL for something I didn’t do. Mr. Barn is incredibly gracious. He gives me strength to keep being positive.  Society can’t get pass my dark complexion, my nappy hair and my status. It is sad. Still, I gave my information. I am probably wrong. But, what if I am RIGHT??? Huh!

Anyway, I have endured another night in the cold streets. It was 31 degrees last night. It reminded me of New York in the end of October, the beginning of November. I choose to be happy and satisfy. I didn’t break any laws. I am being more selective in who I let in my circle. I don’t trust people like I use to. I am so quick to cut people off. Ms. Winfrey, I am doing my best to survive on the streets. I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR MIND GAMES. I love my life because I am standing up for my rights: And I am don’t care who likes it or not—so there! Bonnie and I had another discussion. The topic was jail. I told her I could not survive jail.  She thought I could. I firmly think that I could tell the TRUTH on how I personally feel until I am all dry mouth: And people will still not get me because everyone interprets what I say differently. Once again, Bonnie and I agree to disagree. She is still my friend. I still am hoping you have her on your SHOW!



Dear Ms. Winfrey,

Bonnie and I were cracking up again. She was talking about her husband Gary. Those two really love each other. They are so cute together! I am interested in this guy named, Ace. He is the most thoughtful guy. And what is really great, he is a wonderful listener. He knows about me being homeless, poor and spiritually gifted. The big TREE NAILS in my coffin concerning dating. Surprisingly, Ace is not deterred. Maybe, it is the fact that his mother is clairvoyant. First, guy in a long time that does not desire to mold me into his hobbies and life: I even get along with his MOTHER. Oh boy, scary! Anyway, we are just friends until I can get my act together (employment, housing etc. etc.)

While Bonnie and I discuss the dos and don’ts of intimacies: I dream, fantasize about my career. I have ideas, ideas, and ideas. My new loves are fashion and swimming. My body is going through a lot of changes. My brother, Matthew, is preparing me for the road ahead. My body is starting to grow vertically. I wanted to discuss this on Tyra Banks’ Show; however, after all the emotional and mental abuse I experience through the shelters and society. I decided not to. People just don’t believe what I say. I have been asking for help—for my brother and I. Research cost an arm and a leg if you know what I mean. So, I am thinking I really want what going on with me to be private. I had enough of society ridicule. It could be worst I could be like the 7 year old child (chronologically) yet biologically he is 70 years old (Dateline Show).  Please have Bonnie on your show.



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