Getting on Oprah Show #20/#21

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Dear Ms. Winfrey,


I spent the day working on myself. I couldn’t sleep outside. It is too COLD. So, I slept in the library where it is warmer than outside. Last night, I converse with Bonnie again about being outside. She still doesn’t quite get it. One of her comment was; sooner or later a person has to—: Once again, I had to repeat myself that I would kill someone in the shelter if they came at me the wrong way. There was a little tension. I could see didn’t get what or where I was coming from. I am talking about my abuse (mental and emotional). I witnessed something tragic when I was four. Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center (employment) to my homelessness residing in shelters and SRO, to my present situation: Bonnie could not possibly know. She would have to walk in my shoes. And even if she did; Ms. Winfrey, we all react different to our PAIN.

So, I stay outside determine to be a law abiding citizen. I choose to be on the right side of the law. I and Bonnie are still friends. I am going to hang out with her tonight to stay out of the cold. I decided to spend my money on weekends at a hotel when it gets too cold. I didn’t get the money yet! Next year, I will celebrate my birthday. Bonnie needs her stove clean. She has to check it out with her husband, Gary. He is so funny. He makes me laugh. They make a cute couple. I can’t wait to clean her stove: I have a lot of anger to get out. You see, Ms. Winfrey Bonnie does help me with my anger in a positive manner. Please, let her be on your show.




Dear Ms. Winfrey,

I have been working on my creativity. I published the emails that I been sending you about Bonnie. It keeps me positive. On a deeper level, it is rather therapeutic. My resolve is stronger in living on the streets in the cold. My gut is screaming, “You are taking the right action.” So, I pray a lot for guidance and assistant. I force myself to be vigilant in not taking advantage of anyone. I don’t want people to enable me, neither! As soon as, I get my grades I will let you know. Hopefully, it will sway you to have Bonnie on your show.

I feel inspire to assist my environment with my spiritual gifts. I want to make a difference just like Mr. John Walsh states on his shows (at the end). I would love to volunteer my services yet I fear I would not be welcomed. So, I do it the coward’s way: I do it anonymously. Besides, I am doing it for the Lord (Yahweh): Who says it was going to be easy. Spiritually, I am getting stronger and stronger. I feel so strongly in knowing it is important to remain humble in everything I do.  Even writing to you about Bonnie; is a positive experience no matter what the outcome. I hope the readers get inspire from my determination in remaining positive. Hey! I think I just felt a full circle MOMENT!!!

Sohlau29.gifA hare core sinner ,YAHWEH loves me. I am truly bless


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