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Krill Oil Australia
Welcome to Krill Oil Australia

Hello, Nathan here and thanks for reading about my experience with krill oil. Why I now use Krill Oil instead of Fish Oil and the extra benefits. Throughout this article I am going to give you my experiences as to why I now use Krill Oil instead of Fish Oil.

But first, a little about me… Born in 1973 in Perth Western Australia, I’m 6 foot 3 inches weighing in at about 95kgs (10kg to 15kgs overweight). From a young age I have suffered from lower back complaints to now suffering from stiff joints, in particular in my knees (as age is setting in). I researched my birth date on the Chinese star charts and found out that I am a Water Ox and guess what, they suffer from joint soreness!

I have been taking Fish Oil since I was 26 after meeting with a famous Indian naturopath, Bill Clinton visited him when he came to Perth, so he came with high recommendations. Straight away without me saying anything he recommended Fish Oil for better circulation, better heart, reduce stiffness in my joints and overall better health.

11 years later I am doing more research about products I use, in particular organic, free range stuff, which led me to research more about the Fish Oil I was taking. Now I am no saint when it comes to eating the right foods and the only real free range stuff I buy is eggs. I am somewhat set in my ways at the moment so to turn my life upsidedown is not what I am looking for but I am interested in bettering a few products that I use on a regular basis without breaking my budget!

Krill Oil Australia – Confusing Terms Explained
There are some interesting terms used when describing Krill Oil and I suppose you need to be aware of some and what they mean. There is no point in buying supplements when you don’t understand the product and benefits they provide. So here are a few terms that I needed to understand before buying Krill Oil for myself:

•Antarctic Krill
•Neptune Krill Oil
•Omega 3

The main thing I look for before I purchased some krill oil was that the ingredience came from natural source, it was made in the lab to create the synthetic version.

Krill Oil Australia – Where Do I Buy My Krill Oil From?
After learning about Krill Oil and the benefits I then went to my local discount pharmacy and discovered I only had two choices… One brand I had never heard of and the other was Swisse Krill Oil, so I bought the Swisse brand that cost me $39.99 for 50 softgel capsules. Sounds a bit expensive especially compared to Fish Oil tables that I regularly bought for around $16.99 for 200 softgel capsules! But I wanted to give them a go.

I then drove past my local Health Foods Store and thought I’d ask about Krill Oil. They were selling their Swisse product for $54.99! And they had another brand that sold for $89.99!

This soon led me to do more research on the internet when I found Prograde, which I am now a proud partner. At first I was concerned being an American company and the time to deliver to Australia etc. The usual skeptic in me made me do further research on the company. And now I haven’t looked back and the reason for writing this website Krill Oil Australia article.

The big difference is that I now take 1 Krill Oil tablet per day vs about 5 Fish Oil Tables per day and yet I am receiving as good, if not better results!

Previously to get through a game of cricket I would take 2 fish oil tablets when I woke up, 2 to 4 nurofen or ibuprofen during the game and 3 fish oil tablets at night and still woke up somewhat stiff and sore. Now I take 1 Krill Oil tablet and I feel just as good if not better the next morning…

Prograde have been fantastic with their service and delivery. I get more tablets that pack more of a punch than Swisse and it includes other important products that has helped me lose weight.

It has been 3 weeks (at time of writing this article) since I started taking Prograde ® EFA Icon Krill Fish Oil ™. I have lost 3kg without doing any exercise (my last game of cricket was on the 27th of March 2011 & we won the grand final!) As you can imagine after winning the Grand Final I have celebrated hard, consuming more alcohol and food than my body requires and yet I am now down to 92kg.

Not a bad side affect from a product designed to keeping my heart healthy and joints loose.

Krill Oil Australia – Summary
Anyhow, I have rambled on for too long. I intend to write future articles once I have a few extra months of using Prograde. And with some luck by then I will be closer to my ‘ideal’ weight also…

Personally I buy Krill Oil in conjunction with their Multivitamin for Men as they have some great discount when you buy a ‘Combo-Pack’. I’ll write more about their Multivitamin in at another time also.


Nathan Daniell
Krill Oil Australia


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