Fight Against Corruption

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It is hugely ludicrous to let the allegedly doctored CD about the Bhushan duo to catapult into the limelight. It is preposterous to see the politicians to comment on the integrity of these people. Do they want to make fool of us? They are the ones who are fools to believe in the idea that people will buy their attempts to malign the members o f the civil society who are to draft the bill. They are doing nothing but eroding the support base that they enjoyed and on who’s voting they are in a position to comment

This present government seems like being in some sort of a state sponsored corruption arrangement with all like minded people- other politicians, corporate and beauracraticsycophants. Everyone is into the cover up spree.

I have no anguish regarding the fact that the Bhushans may be into some sort of corruption which seems highly unlikely. But the main fact that makes me more apprehensive about the government is the fact that it is try all the shots that it has to sabotage the efforts that are on to fight corruption.  It is a democratic country. No doubt in that theoretical aspect. There is also no doubt in the fact that money holds influences. It is indeed a strange paradox to live with, at being born in a democratic country.  

Some have brought up PILs in court against the appointment of the members of the civil society into the committee drafting the anti corruption bill. They argue that there are enough laws in our country and the country needs no more laws. But if they were laws then would the country have been in this state?  He argues that the problem is with implementation. But if these things are not implemented then there must be laws to implement them- laws that are transparent.

It seems that the entire hullabaloo that the government is doing is to keep the rest of the unexposed scams under wraps and to protect its people from getting punished for practising its policy of state sponsored corruption.

“She” says that she is neutral and she is not mentoring Digvijay’s and Kapil’s comments. It is strange and hard to believe. They ask to have faith in the constitution of India but how can we have any faith in the people who safeguard the constitution. They say they are the elected representatives of the people. I ask my conscience: Are they really? But it does not agree. I can with no rationality call these corrupt people my representatives. No matter what but just because I support the cause for which they (Bhushans) are fighting, I support them.


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