Top Five Things To Do On Good Friday

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Good Friday is here and you may wonder what you can do with the kids now that are out of school. Of course, you will need something to do on your day off from work. Instead of watching TV all, it is a good idea to do something a little more productive. Here are a few tried and true ideas:

1. Tell the story of Easter. Do you kids even know what Easter is all about? Tell them the story of Easter and why we celebrate this day. Add in what happened on Good Friday and why it is important. 

2. Decorate the eggs. Good Friday is a perfect day to decorate those eggs. They will still be fresh to eat on Sunday (if you keep them in the refrigerator). Decorating them on Good Friday will also give you some time to hide them so the kids can start hunting! My kids just love to decorate eggs, but it normally takes no time to do. So, this year, try to space it out some. You can do this by having the kids help boil the eggs, then you can let them feel them periodically to see if they are cool or not. Be sure to keep them out of the refrigerator before you dye them. If they are at room temperature, they will hold the dye better.

3. Visit a local park or zoo. I just love the zoo and Good Friday is a perfect day to go for a visit. The weather will probably be a bit warmer than it has been all winter, so it will certainly get you in the mood for spring. There may also be a few baby animals out now for you and the kids to see. If your zoo has a butterfly garden, you can turn that into a science lesson as well.

4. Get a few last minute items for your Easter celebration. Did you forget the ham or the potatoes? Run to the store now to make sure you have everything. Maybe it is time to start a new tradition at your meal. The kids can help you make sugar cookies and decorate them for the big day.

5. Relax. Yes, just take it easy. We so rarely get days off of work and school that it’s nice to just hang out at home once in a while. 

Here’s hoping you have a wonderful Good Friday and a “Hoppy” Easter!


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