Recognize Three Phase Children Brain Development

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There are three stages Brain development during childhood, starting from the primitive brain (the action brain), brain limbic (feeling brain), and finally to the neocortex (thought brain). 

Although interrelated, the three had its own function. Primitive brain manage to survive physically, manage reflex, motor motion control, monitoring body functions, and process information coming from sensing. Limbic brain to process emotions and as liaison brain and brain primitive thought. 

While the thinking brain, which is the most objective part of the brain, receiving input from the primitive brain and the limbic brain. However, he needed more time to process information from the primitive brain and the limbic brain. The brain thinks the merger is also a place of experience, memory, feeling, and thinking ability to give birth to ideas and actions. 

Nerve myelination of the brain take place in sequence, starting from the primitive brain, the limbic brain, and brain thought. Neural pathways are more frequently used to make more myelin thicken. Increasingly thicker myelin, the faster the nerve impulses or signals travel along nerves. Therefore, a growing child are encouraged to receive input from the environment in accordance with its development. 

In addition, children also need experiences that stimulate all the senses. Stimulation and development of the senses that develop certain parts of the brain called the reticular activating primitive system (RAS), namely the area of the brain that makes us able to focus attention. RAS into the entrance where the impression is captured every sense coordinate with each other before passing to the brain thought. 

A person born with 10 billion nerve cells in the brain. The first three years since the birth was a period in which billions of glial cells continue to grow to nourish neurons. These nerve cells can form thousands of connections between neurons, called dendrites. 

Before the four-year-old child, the primitive brain and the limbic brain is 80 percent termielinasi. After 7 years of age myelination shifted to the brain thought. Originally from the right brain hemisphere, among others, duty to respond to visual imagery. 

While reading, writing and speaking, the role of the left brain dominant. The main task of the left brain is reason to think analytically and develop logical arguments based on the meaning of language.


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