Get Boots You Can Walk in

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The time of the year comes back again when you need to buy boots. You can find numerous colors and styles to select from, but to be able to find the finest fitting boots will need some groundwork on shopping. 

You have to consider the uses of your boot as well as the number of hours in continuation you will be wearing them before you decide on the heels, like stiletto, stacked or kitten heel. There are some boots which look incredible on the fashion shows but it is possible that they are not practical if you have to run around in your full day office job. 

Member of the American Podiatric Medical Association Dr. Marlene Reid reminds you that the boots have to last for just a season while your feet need to stay in a good shape for the lifetime. 

Mentioned below are some suggestions offered by APMA to help you buy your next pair of boots. 

  • It is best to shop in the afternoon as the feet swell a little during the day. Measure your feet before you start trying the boots.

  • Even while trying wear the socks or hosiery you will wear with them.

  • Find boots which are stable, it is best to have one with a wide heel. Use heels below 2 inches. Thin stilettos look very attractive on the shelves but they put your feet into a plenty of pressure.

  • Ensure that the boot shape is wide and it has a relaxed fit for your feet. There are boots with narrow design and can lead to bunions and blisters.

  • Pick up boots which have a rigid heel counter. The fabric of the boot covers the ankle but may not offer enough support.

  • Walk with the boots in the store before buying any pair of boots to make sure that they are comfortable. You should not have the need to break-in the boots.

  • Get a boot which has traction and a rubber sole at the base to avert slipping. Keep in mind that typically fashion boots are not designed to be used in snow.

  • Check out the material as in the colder months, the feet get sweatier as the shoes are closed and you also wear thick socks. Pick a boot crafted with leather as it can absorb moisture as compared to any synthetic material.


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