Guitar Hero Two For Your Playstation Two

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Guitar Hero 2 is the amazingly popular game series of the PS2 and is a sequel to RedOctane. Initial Guitar Hero was released in 2006, and that let you connect a copy Gibson guitar to the PS2 so that you could rock like a professional and have a great time. 

The basic principle of the game is that it allows you to connect the guitar controller which comes with five colored buttons as well as a strummer. The screen will display the notes of your favorite rock songs and you will be able to start strumming the song. It is very much a sequel of the Harmonics and RedOctane but the features of the game have been enhanced to make it more lifelike and interesting. You will also find the difficulty mode upgraded as they have added two novel and functional features, Practice and Co-op modes. 

With the new Co-op mode Guitar Hero 2 has become more fun as now you have the option to play the game with a partner. One person can play the lead guitar while the other can pick up the bass or the rhythm, based on the song you have selected to play. All the features are shared between both the players in this mode and it will require both of you to work together to build up the score meter. When you want to make use of the Star Power, you just have to incline the guitar at that time. As your game progresses, both your scores will be added together which will help in increasing the star power meter. 

You have the option to perfect the game as well as the songs in the Practice mode which has been provided in Guitar Hero 2. When you play in this mode it is possible to adjust the speed at three different levels, slow, slower, and slowest. This helps you to be able to understand the notes of a song conveniently as the song have been given in sections. It is possible to practice just some parts of the song which you are not able to handle well. 

Keep in mind that the practice mode is best for improving your technique and not really the speed. You will be able to figure out the ways which are best to hit the song and perfect it. There are more choices of songs as compared to the earlier Guitar Hero. 

If you haven’t got it yet, it is great option to get one and experience gaming with music like never before.


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