Clean a Trout Fish

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It is not too difficult to clean a trout…all you need is some practice and very soon you will be cleaning the trout easily. If you can it is best to use running clean water to keep rinsing the trout when you clean it. 


To scale the trout you will require a fish-board that has a clip to clasp the tail, otherwise you can hold it yourself. Other thins required is a fish scaler or you can use the side of a strong knife which is unsharpened. Hold the trout tightly by the tail and scrape both sides steadfastly from the tail to the gills many times. You will get rid of all the scales so that you don’t have to bother with them in future. 


To gut the trout properly without ripping into the intestines or stomach you require a sharp knife with a short blade. You get better control with a short blade. Make the first cut at gill level from the side of the belly. You will get a cut from the jawbone to the tongue. Now put your fingers in the mouth of the trout and press firmly on the top of the trout’s head with your palm with the thumb near the gill to hold it. Now start slitting the belly carefully beginning at the end and working all the way up to the gills. Hold the trout well to pull out the guts. Then hold the guts firmly and pull them out. Now rub your thumb down the spine in the stomach cavity to remove the bloodline. 

To behead

Beheading is a personal preference as there are people who want to leave the head but I like to get rid of the head. You require a sharp and sturdy knife to do this. Hold the trout well in the middle and keep your thumb in the stomach cavity with your hand holding around it. Clutch the trout fish in a way that the head is pressed down on the cutting surface. Take the knife and make a strong slicing movement across the spine at the level of the gill preferably keeping the stomach cavity up. When you have completed the process of cutting the fish you can clean the trout and you are now prepared to go ahead with the cleaning and what you make of the fish.


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