How to Clean Rc Motors

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When you have an electric RC car is almost like keeping a pet or even bringing up a child. You have to make sure that your pet is safeguarded from any kind of sickness or diseases and it has all the nutrient rich food to stay physically healthy. There are some other things like exercises and regular checkups which also play a vital part in keeping a healthy and happy pet. 

Now when we are talking about RC cars, you also need to keep them well as get regular checkups. What this actually suggests you need to maintain the RC motor in top condition. It has to be cleaned on a regular basis so that the machine gives top performance and speed. 

When you have to clean your RC car motor, you can use the motor spray which is more efficient in getting rid of the grime as well as the additional carbon deposits in the motor. You can get a top quality motor spray to keep your RC car absolutely clean. It is also very important to oil the machine to keep all the parts of the car and the motor bearings lubricated.

 As far as the brushes are concerned you must make sure that they are working properly and when they need to be replaced. If you are using a worn out brush in your RC motor, it may not allow your RC car to offer the performance you want to achieve as well as maintain. It is a good idea to replace the brush with a new one before the tip of the brush which stays in contact with the motor commutator, becomes violet. Ensure that the overall condition of the commutator is smooth and round before you go and replace the old brush.

 The same point applies for the springs as well as the brush in the motor. It is vital for the springs to continue having tension which is at the same level as it was when the spring was new. You can keep a checker for measuring spring tension and use it at regular intervals or replace springs whenever you change the brushes. 

The most important thing about maintaining the motor of your RC car is to realize that motors tend to stop giving the same kind of performance as they do when they are brand new.  The only thing you can do is to ensure that you keep it clean and spend money on maintaining it.


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