Safe And Easy Ways For Cleaning Carpet Stains

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You may not be aware that there are a number of common cleaning agents in the home which you normally use to clean a stain on the carpet can in fact harm the carpet perpetually. Are you aware that clear liquid detergents are more useful for cleaning carpet stain as compared to the opaque detergents?  And one more question…when you are blotting to clean any carpet stain, is it better to work inward to outward or vice verse? 

Here are some suggestions for you for cleaning carpet stains. You will be amazed by how informative they can be and how very useful they are. 

Suggestions for cleaning carpets:

Make sure to store the correct carpet stain cleaning materials in a fixed place. You must keep it in a safe place but also quick to find when you need them.

Some of the useful items which you must keep for cleaning carpet stain.

  • Liquid detergent which is see-through and clear as opaque liquid detergents tend to leave a deposit which attracts more dirt.

  • A minimum of one spot remover which dissolves grease, like Energine.

  • Ammonia which can be combined at the ratio of one tablespoon to one cup water. Do not use it on woolen carpets.

  • A bottle of non-oily polish remover.

  • Some white vinegar which can be used by combining with water when required.

  • Keep club soda.

  • Some white cloth or paper towels. 

The right method of cleaning carpet stains is to start with collecting as much possible of the spill and then blotting it inward on the carpet as when blotted outward it can make the stain larger. Now you can use the most appropriate cleaning material you have collected for cleaning carpet stains. There are a number of normally used cleaning products which have a high percentage of chemicals which can end up damaging your expensive carpet. Clean it well with the minimum amount of water needed and then cover the area which is stained on the carpet with white cloth or white paper towel to ensure all the moisture is soaked in. Put something heavy on it and let it stay like that for a day. 

You can help extend your carpets life by using a good quality carpet pad. It is good to make a system for cleaning your carpets of stains and dirt at regular basis. 


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