Clean Up Your Car Battery

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Has it happened to you that when you have gone to jump start your car, you are hardly able to see your battery underneath all the slime?  This slime is nothing but corrosion of the battery which forms due to acid condensation. This is formed by acid so you can use any basic chemical solution for cleaning it. We may not realize but battery acid is in fact very simple clean with normal household items such as baking soda. You do need to take the required precautions.

You can begin with getting together all the supplies required for cleaning the car battery. In fact you will find most of the items in your home. You must follow some important safety tips when you are getting prepared to clean the car battery. Get your gloves and safety glasses to shield your skin and eyes from the sulfuric acid which can remain in the corrosion deposits on the battery.  

The amount of grime and corrosion on the car batteries may not be same on all the batteries your battery cleaning process will not be the same. If there is less corrosion on your car battery you may not require some of the mentioned processes. There may be occasions when you will have to take out the battery from the car to clean it when there is severe dirt and corrosion. 

Start with scraping out all greenish or white corrosion deposits with the help of a hard bristled brush or even a handy plastic or metal scraper. Now you can use the baking soda and water solution in the ratio of one tablespoon in one pint of water. Apply this carefully on the outer part of the battery and the cable connections. Use the brush to apply the baking soda solution well in the severely corroded areas. You can disconnect the terminals or cable clamps if they are more corroded. Make sure that you disconnect the negative and then the positive. 

Eliminate corrosion from the battery posts, brackets and terminals with a scraper and clean them with the baking soda solution. Then wash the outside of the battery and get rid of the remaining dirt with a sponge or rag. Dry off the car battery and other parts with a dry cloth when everything is clean. 

You have to reinstall all the parts which were removed and also tighten everything so that they are secure. Now you can reconnect the battery and you are done. You have a safe and clean car battery.


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