Why Not Enjoy Housecleaning?

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As far as I can go back housecleaning has always been a tough chore for me. By the time I was 50, I actually accepted the fact that I can never become one of the best housekeepers. I think the basis of my defiance was my conviction that housecleaning to a great extent was a pointless job. To give an example, take my kitchen which I would scrub for a few hours to make it spotless and then go back and cook meals to get back a countertop spattered with oil and smudged cupboards. Actually I just believed that all the dust from my neighborhood found my home to be a good place for resting. You could see them on the blinds, picture frames, ceiling fans as well as any other knick-knacks I kept. The TV top and the coffee table was a favorite with them. 

My deficiency as a housekeeper was really noticeable when I visited two of my closest friends. It will be an understatement if I said that they were tidy. You wouldn’t see a speck of dust in their homes. I have a feeling that one of them keeps cleaning her home thinking that Martha Stewart will come to her house one of these days to take the white glove test. My other friend spends most part of Saturday morning cleaning the door frame top standing on a step-stool. There were many times I was left wondering why they didn’t spend their time in a something more productive as compared to housecleaning. But the fact is that down in my heart I felt a little envious.   

I got the cleaning mitts and the ultimate cloth from my friends. It was not really my nature yet I decided to try out the ultimate cloth. It was really an eye-opener. Basically, I was able to clean the complete house as well as my car with just the cloth and water. There was no need to have a cabinet packed with cleaning material and there was no need to use paper towels also. I just had to wet the cloth, wring it and wipe the surface which required cleaning. I could wipe and walk off ensured that it did not have any streaks. It could remove all kinds of stains from oil, hair spray, dust to soap scum and there was no need of chemicals. The cleaning was very useful for fans, blinds and small things. 

I realized that housecleaning does not have to be a distasteful chore when you have an ultimate cloth.


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