Clean Air Is Good For Health

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There have been several advances in the 21st Century and the increase in the number of industries has changed the atmosphere and the environment which is having an unhealthy effect on people. It has become difficult to breathe clean air. 

Air around us has become a way of transporting pollution and also a means of spreading microorganisms much more than what we saw some years ago. In the modern times it is quite simple for any air borne epidemic to get far and wide by way of the air we breathe and that is a scary thought. You may remember the effects of the Ebola virus which hit us a few years back. In fact people around the world were frightened and countries which are on the other part of the globe were wishing that the deadly virus does not enter their part of the world. 

In fact completely opposite to what most of us believe it is not just the air outside which poses a danger to health. It is important to realize that we are breathing in polluted air even inside our houses. You may find it difficult to believe, but studies done by environment researchers have shown that the air which we breathe inside our homes is sometimes more polluted than the air which is present on the streets. 

The air we breathe in exposes us to a number of health hazards. People who suffer from asthma can have a lot more problems as compared to people who are not suffering from any respiratory issues. Small kids particularly newborns as well as old people are more susceptible to suffering from respiratory conditions if the air they breathe is polluted. 

One can’t say that many years back the air was better as allergens have always been a part of the atmosphere. But with the increase in the number of polluting industries, there are chimneys blowing dark and thick smoke into the air. Our cars also pollute with smoke which also increases the pollution level. 

It is not just pollution there are other allergens present in the air also. Most of them are responsible for many people suffering from asthma nowadays. Cigarette smoke, flower pollen as well as several other chemicals leads to respiratory problems. 

You can use air purifiers to get rid of pollution and allergens from the air you breathe inside your home. This is something we can do to reduce the bad effects of polluted air in our bodies. You will find it more useful if you have babies, patients or old people at home.


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