Apple Special U2 Edition Ipod

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New models of iPod are being launched at very short intervals and ever new model is better than the other. There are a number of models but I must say that the special U2 edition iPod has really impressed me from the time I have laid my eyes on it. I am quite a U2 fan, and for me the fact that it has the signatures of all the band members engraved on the back panel is a big reason to make it the best for me. You can easily distinguish the U2 edition iPod from the other models with its different styling. Typically the other models are white or just black in some 5G iPod models, the baby black front panel as well as the vibrant red click wheel of the U2 edition iPod surely stands out. 

The U2 edition iPod is not just an attractive model. You may consider 20 gigabyte storage as very small as compared to the storage ability of the latest models but this also allows you to store numerous songs. In fact I have the U2 edition iPod for almost one year now and you can’t believe but I have still not been able to fill it. 

The U2 iPod comes with the same features like that of other models of iPods from the same generation. It is very user friendly and all you require to do is to use your thumb to do it like listening to the songs. It offers excellent sound quality which allows you to enjoy the songs you love. 

Battery life is the only drawback and even when U2 iPod claims that it can play songs continuously for about 12 hours as far as my experience goes it can be anything between 4-9 hours. It is also possible that factors like the playback options and the size of the file can be the reason behind it. There is a lock button at the top of the U2 iPod which helps to conserve battery.   

U2 iPod is a little expensive as compared to the other iPod models with latest newer features. On the other hand it has all you want in an mp3 player except if you want a video. This is more about if you are a U2 fan to indulge on it. Even if you are not a great fan but have enough money to spend then you can go for this attractive U2 iPod.


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