Downgrade Your Psp Safely

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It is safe as well as easy to downgrade your PSP and also possible for anyone who wants to do it. There are some versions of the PSP which cannot be downgraded in the present times.   At the time of writing this article PSP versions more than 3.03, could not be downgraded and if you own that it is not possible for you. 

On the other hand if you have a PSP which is under 3.03, it is possible to downgrade it to 1.50. You may wonder what is so great about PSP 1.50. To begin with it will allow you to play homebrew games. These kinds of games are developed by PSP programmers and are easily available for downloading onto your PSP legally. Other than being able to play homebrew games, it will also allow you to download PSP emulators which have the option to enjoy different ‘old school’ games from other gaming consoles such as Nintendo Game Boy, Atari and Sega Master System. 

Other than the numerous games one can play by downgrading PSP, it is also possible to download homebrew applications which allow you do different things with the PSP like turning the PSP into a Wi-Fi Sniffer which will help you locate wireless networks, Universal Remote Control and  GPS. It is also possible to stream media online through the Wi-Fi receiver onto the PSP. These are some of the reasons why several enthusiasts decide to downgrade their original PSP. 

There are just two things needed to downgrade the PSP. You require a small USB cable which will connect the computer and the PSP. The second thing you need is the right downgrader which will install and run the right files on to the PSP. 

It is vital to be cautious when you downgrade the PSP and you must follow instructions precisely. If you make some mistakes you may brick your PSP which means useless. In case you want get the wrong installer to downgrade your PSP like using a 2.8 downgrader for a 2.6 PSP that will also brick your gadget. 

There are a few people who believe that it is not worth taking the risk of downgrading the PSP, but I feel it is worth it. When you downgrade your PSP it changes from an average PSP to a wonderful multimedia centre. You will not have to buy games as you will find numerous homebrew games which can be downloaded legally.  


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