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Those days are over when downloading music was a troublesome and problematic issue. With new technology and connections such as FireWire and USB cables it has become much easier to keep up to date with your music and download the most popular hits in a very convenient way. Apple has its iTunes website, which offers a very good collection of music from any genre you can imagine. 

In fact the iTunes store has more than half million songs for you to choose from, and it also has podcasts, movies, TV shows, iPod games and audio books if you want something more than only iPod music download. The iTunes website has music from the top singers and labels and you will also find music sung by upcoming independent artists. Once you have paid for the song from the iTunes store you can pay it an unlimited number of times whenever you want. You are not required to pay nay subscription to the iTunes store but have to pay on per download basis. You don’t have to pay a flat subscription fee as well as an added cost for each song till it reaches the limit. 

There are some music lovers who will find downloading a particular amount of songs in the subscription preference as more economical but it becomes important to monitor the downloads carefully and also track what you use so that you don’t overshoot the download limit and get into a situation when you have to pay a penalty or some fees for over-usage. 

The iTunes store has a convenient download manager which lets you set up as well as stipulate the order of music you choose to download. This helps you save plenty of play list set-up once the download is completed. You just have to browse along the music by song titles, category or artist according to what you want to download and click the tab. When you have downloaded the music all you need to do is to connect the computer and the iPod with the help of a FireWire connection or a USB cable and synchronize the iPod with your computer. Typically cradles and docking station which hold the iPod when you follow the process have batteries or keep charging the iPod and you don’t have to get concerned about running down the play time while you synchronize your iPod.


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