Give Befitting Reply to Left Front by Defeating Them: Sonia Gandhi

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Second round of campaigning in West Bengal for Assembly polls is in full swing.  Sonia Gandhi today held at a rally in Nalhati in Birbhum district.  The polling will be held on Saturday.

She started her address with a salutation to the pious land of West Bengal.  “I have come here to seek your support for Congress-TC candidates on the basis of performance of UPA government at the Centre”, she said.

She was anguished to see the conditions of the people in the State.   “Left Front government has taken the state to near collapse”, she said.

State debit has soared to 2 Lacs crores under the Left rule which is alarming.  The Left Front government in its own report has admitted that half of the people living below poverty line have not got even BPL cards.  In certain areas two third of the people do not have drinkable water facilities.  There was no law and order in the State.  Sonia Gandhi was dismayed to state that atrocities against weaker sections were on the rise particularly against women.  She said there was no urban development.

 She stated that while majority of the people in the state were engaged in agriculture yet the Left Front government had done nothing for them. Half of the area in certain districts was without irrigation facilities. The plight of the agricultural labourers who worked on crop sharing was worst.  The Left Front government had failed to secure land rights for such landless labourers.

UPA Chairperson stated that out of 100 most poor districts 14 districts belong to the State of West Bengal. On the contrary, she said, UPA government at the Centre took up the development work to new heights.  She said the UPA government at the Centre has initiated a number of programmes for the state to uplift the condition of the poor people.  He specifically mentioned central programmes like Sarva Shiksha Abhyan, free lunch meals for poor children, Bharat Nirman, Health Mission and MGNREGA which guarantees minimum100 days work for rural labourers. No other government had done as much as UPA government had done for the poor, she said.

          She informed the rally that for spread of education Aligarh Muslim University campus is being established in the state.  Madrasas are being given liberal grants, she added.  She elaborated that UPA government poverty alleviation programmes are meant to help the poor so that their economic conditions could be improved.  However, she said those beneficial effect did not seem to have improved of the condition of poor. She, therefore, requested the people to ask the Left Front leaders as to where that central government provided money had disappeared.

          She cautioned the people not to trust the Left Front government which had done nothing for them except offering lofty dreams.

          Sonia Gandhi further delved into the issue of corruption.  She said the Congress was always against corruption.  She reminded the people that it was congress which passed Right To Information legislation whereby the people have secured valuable right to information on any issue of public importance.

          She said the Congress is seeks your vote on the basis of UPA government record of performance.  She implored the people to defeat the Left Front for its failure to fulfilling the promises made with the people. At the end she requested the people to vote wisely which will be a befitting reply to the misrule by Left Front govenment and that will open new routes of development of the state.


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