Dollhouse Also Needs Care

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Many of us possess some things which have a major monetary or a sentimental value for cherishing it. Some of us may be having a valued coin collection or rare books and others may have some valuable antique or a jewelry piece. All these things always need some special concern to preserve them. You may have to clean it regularly or polish it at regular intervals. 

This idea and practice is required for enthusiastic collectors of dollhouses also. Dollhouses are in fact a small replica of a big home, which is fitted with electrical lights, wooden furnishing, and sometimes they also have small crystal and china pieces. Dollhouses with all the accessories inside them need the same amount of time and proper care which is need in our normal homes. 

To begin with, make sure that the dollhouse is not kept in a place or a room which gets sunlight directly. The rays of the sun can really spoil the fragile wood which has been used to craft most parts of the dollhouse. You will find the wall paper, fabrics and paint to fade considerable if kept under the sun. You may even find the wood cracking if the temperature gets extreme. 

You also have to remember that the dollhouse has to be dusted regularly. Every day our houses get dusty and we have to clean it daily, this is the same thing for the dollhouse also. Even item in the dollhouse is very small and delicate and they have to be polished and dusted to maintain the beauty and value. You will also have to dust the animals, dolls or any other small collectibles you have bought for your dollhouse to ensure that the quality is maintained. 

The dollhouse should not be stored in a damp place as damp places like a basement, can worsen the material of the dollhouse. You may even see the development of mould on the carpet and fabric. Don’t store it in the attic as moths or other insects can damage the dollhouse and the accessories. 

The fact is that the finest way to preserve the valuable dollhouse is in a special case designed for it from any clear material. You will be able to safeguard it from dust or any other kind of harmful impacts. 

You have to remember that high-quality possessions also require good care and it can be done best by maintaining your dollhouse in first-rate shape.


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