Clean And Store Your Diamond Jewelry

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People who are Lucky to have precious jewelry like diamond rings, pendants, earrings as well as other fancy jewelry keep them all their life if they are well maintained. In fact if you take proper care and store them well it will make sure that your diamond jewelry stays in the best shape for several years. 

Reasons for Cleaning Diamond

After some time of being used the diamond jewelry tens to gather oil and dirt in the piece. This is generally due to hair styling items, hand lotions, perspiration as well as dust. People who don’t ever clean their diamond jewelry will find that the buildup will get really bad and will ultimately turn into slime at the back of the stone jewelry. You may not see the buildup for some time, but very soon the diamond will start looking dirty and dull. It is quite simple to clean the jewelry at home or you can even get them cleaned by professional jewelers. 

Clean Your Diamond Jewelry

If you want to clean your jewelry set in diamond you can make a solution with the help of a gentle liquid dish soap and warm water or ammonia solution to clean the cut diamonds. In case there are other gemstones also with diamond in your jewelry, you have to be very careful that you not to damage them while cleaning. You can get solutions for cleaning jewelry in the market, but it is a good idea to use home remedy which will save you money as well as time. 

The jewelry needs to be soaked in the prepared solution for some time and with the help of a soft brush you can get rid of the dirt from the piece. Avoid using a hard brush as that can scratch the metallic parts of the jewelry. Once you have brush cleaned it, swirl it around a little the solution and then rinse it with warm water. Make sure that the drain is covered before you rinse your diamond jewelry in a sink for safety. 

Storing Diamond Jewelry

All your diamond jewelry has to be stored in a manner that does not rub against each other and get scratched. You can separate them with the help of a soft jewelry cloth. The area where the diamond jewelry is stored must be dry and away from moisture. Diamond as well as any other jewelry should be kept in a safe place. If you look after you diamonds well they will never lose their appeal.


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