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You will find a few options which allow you to rip and convert movies from the PC into your PSP. PSP Video 9, which is a free PSP running application and a movie converter, is all you need to get a PSP movie. With this you can transfer regular movie files on your computer as PSP video files. It also allows you to copy and manage the PSP video files across the PSP and the computer.

You will require the video files in the MPEG4 file format to be able to make a PSP movie file which your PSP can read. When you follow the instructions properly, you will be able to rip DVDs like an expert. You can begin by picking the DVD you wish to rip and placing it into the DVD drive of your computer. 

The next step is to download DVD Decrypter v3.5.4.0 from Then you have to click the link which says Mode and scroll down till you find IFO. Then click Tools and choose the IFO Mode. Te preference of File Splitting should be in place “None.” Press the OK tab which is beneath the Input window and select PSP movie. Now you need to click on Stream Processing tab which launches Stream Processing, and then select the video. 

Now you are ready to start ripping. Start the DVD disc to begin the ripping process of placing the DVD file which is on your hard disk. When the video files are on the hard disc there will be different programs with you to aid convert the files into the right format for viewing PSP movies. You can now download 3GP Converter, new PSP Video 9 or the iPSP and they will let you to convert the video files which were ripped. 

People who have a Mac can also give iPSP a try. Computer users who are not happy with encoding and bit rates will also find the PSP Video 9’s user interface useful and an excellent method to view PSP movies. You can connect the PSP with the help of USB 2.0 cable by just clicking on the “USB Connectivity” option in the main menu of the PSP. This gives you the option to surf the Memory Stick Duo. 

Your work is done once you have your PSP movie and you can relax and enjoy. Initially you can have some conversion problems and in case you face any issues related to the afore mentioned steps, you can check them out on the online message boards as forums have plenty of information on PSP movies. 


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