Ways To Position Your Cleaning Company in The Market

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Once you have establish your own commercial cleaning service unit, amongst the toughest issues which you face instantly is finding the right quotes for the job. It is perfect from the point of your cleaning company to cover all the costs you have incurred in cleaning and also make some amount of profit. It is also important to pitch it at an amount which looks attractive to probable clients. 

When you get some small size contract cleaning work, which has to be done just once in a week, it is not such an issue and you have the option to charge a higher rate as it is not a daily job. When the cleaning contracts become bigger then you have the problems in coming at the correct amount and here it is easy to be in a situation where you make very little profit from a particular cleaning contract if you have not taken the right decisions. 

To begin with you as a business or company have to make the decision of the level in which you want to get into the market. 

  • Are you ready to do the work at lower price to get the cleaning contracts?

  • Are you looking to get into the top end of the spectrum and offer top quality cleaning at a bigger price?

  • Does your plan include aiming for the top end market while providing additional services with superior quality cleaning? 

You have to be very careful before you make any decision. In case you are planning to go for the third option then you need to ensure that you are able to provide expert services required by the customer. Keep in mind that contract as well as commercial cleaning is one of the most competitive aspects in the cleaning market. 

How you can get an edge over the competitors.

  • Try to provide something which is unique.

  • Take you cleaning business to a larger area.

  • Make sure that you answer your telephone regularly.

  • You must respond to enquiries straight away.

  • Come up with a distinctive marketing strategy. 

It is very important to get the right quote when you have once you have decided where you want to put your company in the cleaning industry. It is possible that you will end up over quoting or under quoting drastically especially if you have not worked in the cleaning industry before. Experience is very important and you will have to be ready for a steep learning curve.


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