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Antiques typically are of several different types and of all the different kinds of antique collectibles; furniture perhaps is the most practical and a popular option. Antique furniture is a little different as compared to other antique items as you will not find anybody collecting similar kind of furniture repeatedly. What this means that people don’t purchase and collect just chairs, or chests or tables and fill the house with the same thing. It is also possible that you have a particular liking to a specific era, style or wood. 

In spite of your choice, if you want to buy antique furniture, it is a good idea to understand the basics of antique furniture. You should know a little about the different styles, construction techniques, types of wood, finishes etc of the antique furniture. This knowledge will help you determine if the antique piece you are looking at is in its original shape without undergoing much alterations or I has been changed as in getting some additions on it. 

When you have understood the basics, then you can go to a number of antique furniture auctions and dealers to get familiar with the antiques. When you look through the furniture is all right to pull the drawers out or kneel to have a look under the tabletops. There is nothing wrong in lifting the chairs to take a look at the legs. These are the best ways to learn. 

In the early days furniture was typically made with solid wood but with the evolution of new methods of cabinet making, decorating with veneers or thin wooden sheets of wood, it changed. With the help of these techniques it became cheaper to create a decorative effect with the use of different patterns and grains. This also became a cost-effective method which made cheaper woods look more like costly wood. This furniture generally had a solid body crafted with a different and cheaper wood known as the carcass. Beech, ebony, chestnut, elm, pine, mahogany, oak, walnut, satinwood, cherry, etc. are the main kinds of wood which are used for making antique furniture. 

When you know what you should look for, you will have to find out where you can get antique furniture.  Other than the dealers and auctions you can also look at the classifieds section of the local paper to check if anyone is selling antique furniture and go there to check it. It is also possible to find a good bargain in this manner. You can also check online for dealers and others who market antique furniture on the internet.


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