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The need for labels for equipment of an office, of a school or of a college cannot be undermined. It is easier to manage labeled equipment than to manage the unlabeled ones.

These labels may be found in different types. And their suitability to be used depends on different factors like their strength to adhere because they differ from each other. There are Frangible vinyl labels which are used to label the assets and provide a permanent option or you can choose a Silver voiding to use for labeling your assets.

The frangible Vinyl

These labels are used for almost all the assets and it is permanent. They are more popular because they are of a better quality than the paper ones. They bond directly with most of the surfaces when they are clean. After just 4 hours, these labels cannot be removed from the surface it has bonded to. This type of label is used on almost anything from casing to workstation, to monitors or even on small pieces of equipment. This label is best also for smooth or varnished items. If you want, you can personalize this kind of label, you can add barcodes or serial numbers; sometime the logos are also printed on them. You can prevent counterfeiting with this kind of label by including the hologram. These kinds of labels are available on the reels. They are mostly used in schools, in hospitals and in the IT departments. They are used to label different equipment. They have a strong bonding surface therefore it makes it impossible to remove them.

Silver voiding asset label

The silver voiding asset labels are used to label the material when you want to make sure that none will tamper with the label. The label is called voiding label because it leaves the word void where these labels had been stuck. It is also impossible to be put back as it was, if tampering had taken place. It is used on the labeling of IT equipment, calibration or other materials. It can also be used on mobile telephone and doors. It is good to be used on different medical equipment and other plastic surfaces.

You can go right ahead and choose any of the above labels according to the benefit you want from them, or according to the equipment you want to label.


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