What You Can Do When Your Keyboard Fails

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The keyboard is the most important component of the computer and if it fails, the computer will fail to work completely. The key board does not just fail to work without a serious reason. If it fails it may be in need of just some troubleshooting to work. When it fails completely, you will have to buy a new one.

Before rushing out to buy a new keyboard, try this first: restart the computer when the keyboard does not respond, it may be a result of a frozen up computer. Make sure that the keyboard cable is connected to its right port. If still there is a problem, check that the pins of the cable are not broken. If you have another keyboard near, put it to check if it is the first keyboard which is faulty or if it is another problem. If the second one works, just change it, but if it does not work try to see if the problem does not lie somewhere else. The problem may be a result of the keyboard port, therefore begin your check there.

If you still cannot figure what the problem is, identify it through the window 98 and see what happened. If the confirmation window does not show the keyboard, it means that the computer is not recognizing the keyboard. So remove the keyboard from the confirmation window. Afterwards restart the computer to see if the computer has reconfigured the keyboard.

The problem may be caused by sticky keys, or when the hot keys stuck they may cause different error messages to appear. Dust and dirt may cause bad performance of the keys of the keyboard, therefore make sure that the keyboard is kept clean and away form liquid spills. Make sure that the keyboard setting is compatible in the control panel by making the appropriate repeating features like rate, delay and cursor blinks rate. If you have chosen the right rates, it will be easier to work with your keyboard.

Normally the key board is not repaired, it has to be replaced, and that’s why you have to know all the troubleshooting to try them before going ahead to buy a new keyboard. You may need to use the keyboard when there is no available spare keyboard. So it is imperative that you know all the problems which may happen and what to do in those cases.


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