Toshiba Electronics Are Very Popular

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The name of Toshiba has its roots in the names of two great Japanese companies of electronics that merged in 1939. The first company, Tanaka Seizosho was founded in 1875 and the second company, Tokyo Denki, was founded later, in 1890. Tokyo Shibaura Denki is what Toshiba stands for and its name has been officially approved since 1984.

Nowadays, this giant electronics company provides televisions, laptops, DVD players, computers and other type of electronics at a mass production rate. Also, Toshiba holds the third place regarding the quantity of computer chips manufactured. Most importantly, the main objective of this company is the production of digital equipment. Toshiba announced in 2004 that it would start to manufacture only Liquid Crystal Digital Monitors and TVs, leaving behind the old-fashioned CRT TVs and so it did.

In order to honor the Japanese tradition followed by many other Japanese manufacturers of electronics, Toshiba is not keeping its high popularity by maintaining cheap prices but by offering to the customer products of excellent quality and those that are well designed. Because it is more and more common for companies to outsource, the popularity of the company has been affected. Anyway, Toshiba is still among the leaders due to the fact that when they outsource, they pick the best manufacturers.

These days, Toshiba is concentrating on processing a new version of the new generation of various technologies such as HD-DVD, a DVD that support more movies of high quality; and SED, a technology of display that is believed to be the next-generation of LCDs.

Despite all this, Toshiba has some negative black spots in its history which might make people reconsider about buying a Toshiba product. In the 1980s, the Soviet Union bought from Toshiba, equipment to build quiet submarines and this fact triggered a diplomatic controversy between Japan and USA and two executives of Toshiba were even arrested. Recently, Westinghouse, a well known nuclear reactors manufacturer, was bought by Toshiba. The company believed it would have a chance to make more money from countries that have plans of building stations for nuclear power. But as a result, the groups who militate for protecting the environment gathered in front of the company’s headquarters and held a demonstration against its intentions.


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