What is The Difference Between an Original And Compatible Ink Cartridge?

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Buying an ink cartridge for your printer sounds like quite a simple task. Type the printer model into your search engine, browse a few websites to find the best deal and make the purchase. Surprisingly, this is wrong. There are now a few decisions to make along the way.

There are now three different types of ink cartridges on the market. They are originals, compatibles and remanufactured.These are all widely available and all have their own pros and cons.

An original cartridge is a cartridge that has been manufactured by the same manufacturer as the printer, for instance Hewlett Packard make ink cartridges for their Hewlett Packard printers.

A compatible cartridge is an ink cartridge that has been produced by a third party to replicate the original ink cartridge. The manufacturers of these inks build them to meet the exact specification of the original cartridge.

A remanufactured cartridge is actually an original cartridge that has been returned to a third party, cleaned and refilled with new ink.

Which is the best?

Well this is a topic that has a fueled huge amount of debate. There are different types of compatible inks on the market and you have to use your common sense when purchasing.

Original ink cartridges that are made by the printer manufacturers tend to be very expensive, this is how they really make their money.

Prices are often at the higher end of the scale and can make printing regularly an expensive task.

One benefit to original ink cartridges is that you have a full guarantee from the manufacturer, should the cartridge not work correctly. Consumers that aren’t very internet-savvy are still very much under the illusion that original cartridges are the only type available on the market. As I explained above, this isn’t true.

There is a common myth that compatible ink cartridges void the warranty for your printer. This is also not true. It would not be possible for the printer manufacturer to enforce this.

Although printer manufacturers are making it more difficult for consumers to use compatible inks with their printers, this doesn’t mean it is not possible, but there maybe some “playing about” involved.

With that in mind, many printers work fine with compatible ink cartridges, simply install as you would a normal ink cartridge and your good to go.

Why should you use a Compatible Cartridge?

Compatible cartridges tend to be the most popular at the moment due to the price of them. Compatible cartridges can retail for about 25% of the price of an original.

This really brings home the true profit that the manufacturers make from their ink cartridges.

But don’t be fooled into the perception that the price is a measure of the quality of the cartridge. We have previously seen compatible cartridges outdo the quality of original cartridges.

Finally, with compatible ink cartridges, they now often contain around 30% – 50% more ink than an original, sometimes even double!

Tips For Buying Compatible Ink Cartridges :

  • Always check the ink volumes. Make sure that you are getting the right amount of ink for your money. The cartridge(s) may be cheap, but this could be compensated with a low amount of ink.

  • Check that the cartridges are chipped. This means that you can install the cartridge immediately. If it is unchipped then you will have to make some adjustments to the cartridge prior to using it.

  • Check that the seller offers a money back guarantee. If for whatever reason the cartridge does not work, check that the seller will refund you, should the cartridge not work as it should.

Printing is now an everyday task, but many people are being put off printing in volumes because of the high price of the ink for the printers.

This has all changed. With the release of compatible ink cartridges, it is now possible for the consumer to print in volumes without breaking the bank balance.


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