The Latest And The Coolest Gadgets

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Men are known to own the best and the latest gadgets. Men are likely to keep track of all the newest developed gadgets and their features more than women. Some women may also use the latest gadgets but they do not use all the features like their male counterparts. Only women who are tech savvy are able to buy and use the latest gadgets.

Every gadget is expensive the day it comes into the market and as it becomes popular, the gadgets become cheap. Some gadgets may be sold at $200 but after two to five years, it may be bought for as less as $50 dollar. The typical example is the Walkman, when it was released by Sony in 1979, it was selling at up to $200 and it was a luxury to own one; but now it is sold at less than $20 dollars. It is no longer viewed as an in-thing and a must-have because there are already new gadgets which are as cool as it was when it first entered the market.

The newest gadgets may also have less features and capacity but as they become popular, the features also become more advanced than the ones which were developed in the first place. The perfect example is the iPod, when it first came into the market, it was a simple gadget with a memory capacity of 5GB and a small wheel to mechanically scroll between the content and was compatible with just the Macs. Now it has a memory capacity of 80GB and has video features. Some gadgets are getting replaced by others like the replacement of the VCR by the TiVo. The gadgets that keep getting better on a daily basis are the cell phone and the CD and their different versions are a must have for every home.

The manufacturers have designed gadgets for everyone, from the young children, women, men to the teenagers. From the simple gadgets to the more complicated gadgets, from the small gadgets to bigger gadgets – there is something for every one. However, the sophisticated ones are exclusively for the younger generation and men at that, women use the gadgets out of necessity without exploring all the features they can offer.

Manufacturers always invent and develop the existing gadgets to enhance people’s needs to go out to buy new gadgets. You should wait for some time to pass before buying a new gadget because the latest may be the coolest but also the costliest!


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