Handy Pen Drives

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The Pen drive or USB flash drive is still the most convenient type of portable storage media. The main advantages of a pen drive are its light weight and size, and higher capacity than the zip or floppy disks and CD or DVD media. Convenience of the USB stick is reflected in the fact that their work does not require additional drivers (for Windows XP and newer operating systems) and requires no special power supply, as it is already powered through the USB port. IBM invented Pen drives in 1988 to replace Floppy Disks. However, they never patented it. M-Systems have the pen drive patent in their hands.

Although the first such device was introduced in 1998, and we can say that it is a relatively new piece of hardware, it is already widely used and is called by many different names, such as data stick, key data (key), flash disk, thumb drive , USB drive, flash stick, memory stick etc. We have tested models of up to 64 GB in capacity but still on the market today we can find models from 64 MB to 16 GB. Stick of 8, 16 and 32 MB disappeared and you can only find a used one now.

USB flash stick or a pen drive is commonly used to transfer personal data (documents, pictures, music …) from computer to computer. With a stick, you can run programs without needing to install anything on your computer. This is called portable applications (many well known programs have their own portable version (eg Microsoft Office)). Also, the stick can lift operating systems and there are smaller operating systems that can completely install on the stick. Lately very popular digital audio players such as the Apple iPod has been using the same technology.

Flash memory technology is in use by various memory cards used in digital cameras. It should be noted that some USB sticks have a switch on them for protection from data logger.

When you connect a pen drive to your computer, it appears as a removable hardware. You can simply work with it and copy – paste objects from it to your hard drive and vice verse. It has all the abilities of a little hard disk. If you want to remove your pen drive from the system, you must look for ‘safely remove your hardware’ so all the data would stay in good state. When once safely removed , you can place the pen drive in your pocket and just walk away!


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