Defragging Your Hard Disk

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The reason for defragging the hard disk is to recover the disk’s lost space therefore making it perform better. The slow of performance of the hard disk affects the overall performance of your computer.

Defragging is to help the computer putting the entire relative information together. Because the computer stores the information as it is being saved. So the information which has to be put together may not be put together by the computer storage system. Therefore by defragging all parts, the information is put together.

As the user of the computer writes and deletes different information, the computer puts the last information in the first place left by the deleted information. If it does not fit, it will look for the second available space. Therefore the same information folder may be put at more than three different locations on the hard disk. Therefore when opening the file the computer takes time to go to all different locations to display the information. However, defragging solves this problem by putting the information for the same file at the same location. So when the information from the same file has been defragged, the computer can read the information in a much easier and faster way.

But some people do not take out the time to defrag their computers because they don’t realize the slow speed of their computers, or they think that defragging is a waste of time. Defragging software can go a long way to make sure that the files are kept according to how often you use them. However the window itself comes with its own defrag program which can be used, but does not offer the some features as the software designed for defragging alone. If you wish you can buy the Norton speed disk which has included defragging in their system programs. If you can also visit certain websites for the defragging software, you may need to pay for them or at some places you may use them free of charge.

Even if defragging releases a small amount of space on the hard disk, it increases its overall performance by making sure that all the related files are put together. Therefore the computer takes less time to read the information. Make sure that you defrag you computer on a regular basis without waiting for your computer to slow down to remember to defrag it!


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