AJ Perez Cause of Death, Investigation And Repercussions

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As we heard about what happened to AJ last April 17, 2011 which was Sunday around 12:20 am  I must say that a lot or all people are in state of in denial, shocked and hard to believe that at the very young age he died suddenly. A lot of people were really affected even the people that are not a huge fan of him. I myself would admit that it was a devastating feeling for someone like him who died at very young age and yet in my own opinion he is about to become more popular after his television series of Sabel as a leading man. It was his first time to become a leading man but unfortunately that was his last drama program. He must be as well the leading man of a new movie which is the remake of Mara Clara. 

I watched the TV patrol weekend last Sunday to know more about the update regarding AJ and as what they have presented in demonstration it really seemed that the driver of abs-cbn van must take the responsibility regarding this case since it was his fault for overtaking the other transportation. It was a pity part that the bus driver of Partas is now inside the jail and charges of reckless imprudence resulting in homicide and multiple physical injuries will be filed against driver today. But then as I read other forums and the article the driver of the van will be charge as well regarding this case. That is good news to hear if that is the case that the driver of van has to be blamed. But then when I read the twitter from gma news that LTFRB files 30-day preventive suspension to all 48 Partas buses in case number 2004-3666 which includes bus that hit van of actor AJ Perez. I think it is not justifiable where in fact it is an accident that the driver of bus even tried to avoid on hitting the van but it is already too late. Maybe this could be part of the discipline that they must not be in over speeding when driving their vehicles. 

In other latest update the cause of his death was not multiple head injury but according to the autopsy it was his ribs went through his left lungs and heart as what I have read in Ogie Diaz twitter updates. 

While all people are grieving to AJ’s death including other people that are his fans or not at the same time I could really read the reflection of every people like realizing that life is really important that we have to live it to the fullest. We must express to other people how much we love them before it is gonna be late. But I just hope that we don’t only realize this when someone is dying especially when a person is gone at a very young age. 


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