Things we Cannot Change in Life And How to Stop Worrying About Them

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·      Weather.  As obvious or even stupid as it seems to admit it, we are not able to change the weather at all! So stop being disturbed by it! Remember  how many times your plans, mood, even your attitude to life have been affected because of low/high temperatures, rain, storms etc. Stop worrying about the weather from today!

·      Taxes– there are taxes, they are too high and there will always be taxes. If they cause you vexation and stress, mark this point as inevitable and move on.

·      Your past activities. All things you have done are now in the past and the only thing we could do is to learn from the past, not to blame ourselves. So try not to repeat the mistakes from your past and think only of what you can do now. Live in the present. Learn to accept things the way they are. No need to worry painfully about them!

·      Speed of time. Every day you have 24 hours exactly for work, pleasures etc.  The speed of time remains constant. So—again, do not worry , preferably do not rush. Tomorrow is another day!

·      Your age—there is no doubt, you can’t turn back time. Every day you will get older and older—that is the universal law and it is the same for everyone. Everyone gets older with you, that’s the way it is.

·      Assuredly, you are not able to change your height or physical construction. If you start blaming yourself for having  too small/big ears, nose etc., you will gain nothing except more and more torture upon yourself.  So try to love yourself and your body – because that is you and that is your body! Nobody’s perfect!

·      Other people’s opinion. People are free to do and to think what they want ; and what they think about you depends on themselves only. Like it or not, that is the reality and—obviously, being unable to influence them in what they think about you, the best course is to stop troubling about their opinion. You should bear in mind that other people’s opinion of you is less important than your own!

·       Historical events, natural events, bad politicians—we are helpless to change or control all these. How can one stop a war? An earthquake or a flood? Another reason to stop feeling miserable and confused!

·        Death—life is , in fact, a process that inevitably leads to death.  Everybody, eventually, dies.  No exceptions! Sooner or later, we will die. Death is nothing to be feared or cursed; death is something we have to accept. Merely to reconcile it with ourselves,  and to move on. Certainly we will die one day, as will everyone else, but that  does not have to be a reason to worry.

v   To summarize: life goes the way we move it. There are more things we cannot avoid ( and are unable to change!) than I have mentioned here – everyone has their own circumstances.  However, for some of us, they can appear as insurmountable obstacles in life. We need to recognize this and cease to worry about them, thus saving ourselves much unhappiness and stress.

v   Re-read these items of advice often, because the solution is simple and comes from us—to stop worrying about things we cannot avoid!Embed this message deeply in your mind and then proceed with living–more happy and healthy as a result.


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